National Dog Bite Prevention Week

May 17-23, 2015 marks the annual National Dog Bite Prevention Week, an initiative sponsored by a coalition which includes the American Humane Association and The American Veterinary Medical Association. This campaign is useful — to a degree. But it does nothing to acknowledge the increasing number of fatal maulings that are occurring throughout North America.And that’s why we must continue to speak up.In the interest of community safety, Awareness for Victims of Canine Attack (AVOCA) seeks to educate the public on the inherent dangers of dog breeds which were purposefully created to be aggressive, fearless and tenacious. So while the AHA and AVMA does offer some useful tips to avoid regular bites, those guidelines would have done nothing to prevent the deaths and disfiguring injuries of thousands of humans and pets each and every year — the unfortunate victims of unprovoked attacks by pit bull type dogs.Until the AHA and the AVMA acknowledge that breed-specific problems require breed-specific solutions, tragically, we will continue to see the numbers of canine maulings and fatalities rise, as they have done over the last several decades.

via National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

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