No Cookie for You: You don’t get a medal for failing

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The Dog Snobs

So we’re going to tell you a story.

Yes, yes it is.

Once upon a time there was a rescue puppy. A well-meaning rescuer adopted said puppy and from the beginning there were problems. Nearly a decade, multiple attacks on adults, children and other dogs and a total lack of any successfully incorporated management later, and he was euthanized after attacking an octogenarian. But don’t worry because the rescuer saved him from himself. The, incredibly sanctimonious, end.

After hearing this story our heads just explodes into what we can only describe as rage confetti. In the near decade this person had “tried everything” but he was great at home so…

What the Actual Fuck?

The most irritating part of any of this isn’t even that the dog was so amazingly mismanaged that he had to be put down, it’s that he wasn’t put down sooner. We here at TDS are…

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Fighting breed advocates to block on Facebook

Ah yes. The Facebook wars. Don’t you just love it? The fact that you probably had to get here through one of my other blog posts should tell you everything. There was a point in time that I actually thought it would be a good idea to unblock all the super pit bull apologists. My theory was “I have nothing to hide, so why not?” That proved to be a mistake. These people will follow you around and attempt to shit on you every chance they get. They will screenshot things and place them out of context in their human-hating blogs. They will harass and blame you for your own attacks. They will start rumors about you. They will put your name in the headlines of blogs so when the public searches your name, it takes them right to their site where they are free to make up any old shit they want about you. It can be extremely mind-numbing. It can stress you out beyond belief. It can take up most of your day burning in your mind. These people would not have the balls to say it to your face. Cowards. They are keyboard warriors, nothing else. Today is July 16th, 2015. It’s been exactly 852 days since my son was brutally mauled to death by 2 pit bulls. I will never be the same, but I feel better. I am thinking more clearly as each day passes. I have decided to take on this challenge of warning every person I can reach about the dangers of these dogs, but some people are hopeless. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be reached. They are not “on the fence.” They are a lost cause. So I had an idea. I’ve not seen anyone else do this so I thought I would be the first. Welcome to:

The fighting breed advocate Facebook block list:

(If you would like your block list posted here, send to

(Forgive me if I listed people twice. Some are listed twice due to multiple profiles. This list is not necessarily in any order.) *not all the people on this list are confirmed as fighting breed advocates and may have been blocked for other reasons by users.

11737043_10203373354814494_46034217_n (1)2015-07-17_08h14_5511698834_999680226761286_6288309578042093307_n

Lisa Cam

Nancy Tranzow

Christine Habinger-Lyman

Diane Clark

Cindy Gillespie Beard

Elizabeth Walton

Michelle Lynn Heater (Admin of “Ignorance Is Unbelievable)

Anthony Ant-Man Carlino

Jennifer Bishop

Nikki Middleton

Brian Adamson

Margery Cavins

Dawn Giannone

Angela D. Johnson

Billy E Rogers

Brian Christ

Kimberly Stojakovic

Mike Borsum

Cy Anderson
Jason Bordigon
Wendy Keillor
Maddy Rose
Brett Bennett
Brian Adamson
Margery Cavins
Jarred V Chesley
Danny Ftp White
Libby Peek

Cloey Jade

Elliston James

Sierra Blankenship

Cloey Jade

Cloey Jade

Cloey Jade

Kat Walker

Brian Master

Devon Denair

Wayne Logan

Ryan McCabe

Greg Gothreaux

Renee Jackson Purkhiser

Nikki Middleton

Brian Adamson

Margery Cavins

Kimberly Stojakovic

Benn Kailden

Mary Bishop Olson

Lana Macey

Cloey Jade

Di Clark

Brian Master

Wayne Logan

Diane Clark

Schell Stevenson

Kimberly Stojakovic

Chrisshanna Mccarty

Becky Spence

Nickolas Della-Vedova

Georgie Waffles

Savage Cody

Lee Mendonca

Ryan Blake

Scott Wallace

Kristen Fraser

Sally Claire Taylor

Danielle Grabia

Brian Neu

Eric Shano

Barrie Williams

Lou Nyhc Harding

Benny La Commare

Christopher J Manning

Brandon Thomas

Kevin Wilson

Renee Jackson Purkhiser

Malice Amarantine

Muriel Hassell

Taylor Foxworth

Haylee Alley

Craig Divalerio

Robert Mandujano

Pit Bull Einstein

Cindy Jowsey

Josh Illman

Kelly Shelbourne Keller

Jeremy Collins

Claudia Garcia

Shea-la Gatz

Clayton Grant

Jennifer Kaitlyn Hughes

Mandy Decker

Rhonda Sandoval

Lee Huggins

Alicia White

Jackson H. Davidson

Michelle Monroe Heard

Amy Degraaf

Eric Benton

Blake Wasechek

Thomas G. Wilhelm IV

Julie Fabian

Kristin Alison

Austin Thomas

Alf Romeo

Andrew Moody

Jayne Allen

Cameron Buck

Tiffany Zeis

Moses Correia

Janet Wheat

Sam Congdon

Rick Reed

Donna Louise Childs

Cris Smith-Hedges

Kathryn Paton

Matt Vanek

Brett Bennett

Raven DeLange

Tanja Pawluczkowycz O’Dell

Kim Palama

Kim Church Fordham

Heidi Miller

Sandra Brown

Rafael Brimstone-Mendez Gibbons

Erin O’Brien

Mel Mumma

Danielle Kay

Tamara Gurklis

Mary Piercy DeRosa

Marshal Sudrala Sudrala

Sean Dorrance

Priscilla Ortega

Lee Huggins (former admin of “Faces of BSL Apologists”)
Jarred V Chesley (told Jeff Borchardt to “Put a gun to your head and join your ugly son”)
Cloey Jade (Erin Sutton)
Tom Cook (very nasty messages to Jeff Borchardt)
James Barry (Scotland)