Status Whoring SWPLs And Pitbulls

Chateau Heartiste

I’m not the only one to notice the latest ridiculous SWPL fad of adopting abandoned ghetto-educated pitbulls as reclamation projects and status whoring symbols.

Pitbulls are one of the ugliest, nastiest dog breeds in circulation. The modern pitbull has been bred by upstanding, law-abiding citizens for aggression and a powerful bite. The pitbull is the thug of dogdom. It even looks like a fucking thug. Hence, its appeal to human thugs.

But now SWPLs, humanity’s insufferable burdenbraggarts, sensing another golden opportunity to flex their neoPuritan cred, have taken up the crusade of adopting ultraviolent, impulsive pitbulls and whisking them away from their ghetto cellar killing arenas to a brighter future in loving charter homes serviced by low wage, No Dog Left Behind hipster dog walkers.

Goddamned these herbalicious SWPLs. They really are a nauseating cult of pukes. Having failed at rescuing not one, but two mega-underclasses, their insatiable savior complex…

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2 thoughts on “Status Whoring SWPLs And Pitbulls

  1. You’re a fucking idiot. Pitbulls aren’t even on the top 10 list for biting people. You can give that your cocker spaniel, German shepards and Dalmatians. That just a few to name. And sound like someone has been ramming a cactus up your ass but seems like you like it.


  2. Bob is a riot. He shows up to cut and paste trash from pit bull breeders and teenage girls. Another religious zealot in the cult of pit bull, dragged along like a fool.

    But here is Bob’s alter ego in Brooklyn, another fine advertisement for pit bull ownership and delusional egotism. Here are the people who want to dictate to everyone else how they should be allowed to maim and kill.

    Here is our fine pit bull owner

    And here is what he does to people with kids on the streets of Brooklyn. It is one of Jane’s gang! Watch the whole video. Another male fadster suckered along by the pit breeders and crazy women. Sociopaths. Good thing his dog wasn’t with him or there would be a dead baby and possibly more.


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