No Cookie for You: You don’t get a medal for failing

Excellent blog post. The comments are wonderful too.

The Dog Snobs

So we’re going to tell you a story.

Yes, yes it is.

Once upon a time there was a rescue puppy. A well-meaning rescuer adopted said puppy and from the beginning there were problems. Nearly a decade, multiple attacks on adults, children and other dogs and a total lack of any successfully incorporated management later, and he was euthanized after attacking an octogenarian. But don’t worry because the rescuer saved him from himself. The, incredibly sanctimonious, end.

After hearing this story our heads just explodes into what we can only describe as rage confetti. In the near decade this person had “tried everything” but he was great at home so…

What the Actual Fuck?

The most irritating part of any of this isn’t even that the dog was so amazingly mismanaged that he had to be put down, it’s that he wasn’t put down sooner. We here at TDS are…

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One thought on “No Cookie for You: You don’t get a medal for failing

  1. Jeff, saw you post about the recent killing at Best Friends by one of their pit bulls pit bull. Best Friends is lying and claiming an intruder “broke in.” Lies, lies, lies. They have dog fighting going on at their own facility. They can’t control pits either. They have attacked many other sanctuary dogs including Beans.

    But specifically they already started to set up this lie with Beans who was killed by one of the Vick pit bulls at BF

    An AKC nut named EmilyS (one of Brenda Barnette’s friends) started to spread the lie with Best friends deceitful management then that someone must have “broken in” to try to hide the fighting dog factor. Now the lie has blossomed after the most recent incident..

    Read the comments.

    Ledy and Jane are running a pit in Kanab. The donors get shafted along with the reg sanctuary dogs.


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