Re: open letter to Tia Torres – no response



Dear Tia Torres,

Through tears of agony I wrote you a letter six months ago to which you never acknowledged. I’m sure you got it, and I’m sure you’re aware of the 192 children that have been killed by pit bulls in the US, and the 279 adults who have been killed by them… and the thousands who have been disfigured and severely injured from vicious attacks – half the time from trusted pets who had shown no signs of aggression before that. Yet rather than warning the public about the truth that pit bulls were bred for hundreds of years to fight to the death and therefore not suitable to be household pets, you are still telling lies that “it’s all how you raise them.” And now you’ve got a new program with Villalobos Rescue Center pairing “well trained” service dogs (including pit bulls!) with physically impaired children?!! Unbelievable!

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Kim S. puts blinders on to mauled puppy and blames messenger


Not sure what they are drinking over at Terry’s Ho House but they should probably slow down a bit… or just stop.

Today’s WTF moment is brought to you by Kim S.

Kim S. has some self admitted issues, but it seems to be a issue that runs rampant in the Pit Bull Advocacy.


Kim S. writes: Gary apparently likes to image dog orgies that involve cannibalism. From what it sounds like, Gary wasn’t alone in watching the weirdness?

Really Kim S.?  Pit Bulls are mauling, killing, and eating a puppy, yet somehow you blame Gary for the savagery and sickness of Pit Bulls? Really Kim S., you totally missed the point that somebody’s companion animal was being killed and eaten? Really Kim S., you missed the glee with which these Pit Bulls mauled, killed, and ate a puppy by ripping it apart alive? Really Kim S., you missed the point…

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The animal ripped Stanley’s scalp off her head and chewed off a portion of her ear, according to a police report cited by Fox 19.  Afterwards, sheriff’s officials say Gross put Stanley’s detached scalp in a plastic bag and dropped her off at her mother’s house in Union.-  The Daily Mail


I can’t even imagine the absolute fear and horrific unimaginable pain this single mother of one felt as she was brutality attacked by her ex- boyfriend.  Kim S.

What I can’t imagine is hating people so much as to blame the ex boyfriend for what the Pit Bull did.  What I can’t imagine is the absolute fear and horrific and unimaginable pain this single mother of one felt as she was brutally attacked by her boyfriend’s Pit Bull.  What I can’t imagine is still allowing my children near a Pit Bull after yet another horrific Pit Bull…

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Why don’t Pit Bull advocates have a soul?



Soul is what pierces through our carefully-constructed defenses that protect us from life’s harsh realities and throws cold water in the face of our denial. Why don’t Pit Bull advocates have a soul? Don’t they have souls? They insist that we better be sorry for vilifying the breed doing the deed or they will make us sorry.  Who reading this has not been threatened with violence and invasions of privacy by Pit Bull advocates?

You’ll know soul is present when you can no longer lie to yourself about whatever it is you’ve been pretending not to know. Soul demands nothing less than the truth.

They falsely claim that all safety advocates claim that Pit Bull advocates better feel sorry or they will make them sorry.  Who ever heard of such a thing?  The only time I have seen that fallacy is posted on a Pit Bull advocacy blog.  I am…

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Can anybody help pay Kim’s electric bill?


I guess we all can tell by the gofundme below that if one or both of her two Pit Bulls maul and / or attack that their won’t be any money forthcoming to pay for medical bills.  Perhaps instead of spending hours bashing, baiting, and antagonizing Pit Bull victims her time would be better spent getting a job to pay her bills.

What kind of mother risks getting the electricity shut off so that she can spend day in and day out making anti BSL videos on youtube and blogging about how terrible Pit Bull victims are?

Maybe if she focused on motherhood (or getting a job) rather than harassing innocent victims and their families her life would be different. See this link for more of her begging ways.

Oh well, beggars can’t be choosey.  Others choose to pay their bills and advocate safety, while haters choose to cherish their freebie Pit Bulls above all…

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