Can anybody help pay Kim’s electric bill?


I guess we all can tell by the gofundme below that if one or both of her two Pit Bulls maul and / or attack that their won’t be any money forthcoming to pay for medical bills.  Perhaps instead of spending hours bashing, baiting, and antagonizing Pit Bull victims her time would be better spent getting a job to pay her bills.

What kind of mother risks getting the electricity shut off so that she can spend day in and day out making anti BSL videos on youtube and blogging about how terrible Pit Bull victims are?

Maybe if she focused on motherhood (or getting a job) rather than harassing innocent victims and their families her life would be different. See this link for more of her begging ways.

Oh well, beggars can’t be choosey.  Others choose to pay their bills and advocate safety, while haters choose to cherish their freebie Pit Bulls above all…

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