Why don’t Pit Bull advocates have a soul?



Soul is what pierces through our carefully-constructed defenses that protect us from life’s harsh realities and throws cold water in the face of our denial. Why don’t Pit Bull advocates have a soul? Don’t they have souls? They insist that we better be sorry for vilifying the breed doing the deed or they will make us sorry.  Who reading this has not been threatened with violence and invasions of privacy by Pit Bull advocates?

You’ll know soul is present when you can no longer lie to yourself about whatever it is you’ve been pretending not to know. Soul demands nothing less than the truth.

They falsely claim that all safety advocates claim that Pit Bull advocates better feel sorry or they will make them sorry.  Who ever heard of such a thing?  The only time I have seen that fallacy is posted on a Pit Bull advocacy blog.  I am…

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