Kim S. puts blinders on to mauled puppy and blames messenger


Not sure what they are drinking over at Terry’s Ho House but they should probably slow down a bit… or just stop.

Today’s WTF moment is brought to you by Kim S.

Kim S. has some self admitted issues, but it seems to be a issue that runs rampant in the Pit Bull Advocacy.


Kim S. writes: Gary apparently likes to image dog orgies that involve cannibalism. From what it sounds like, Gary wasn’t alone in watching the weirdness?

Really Kim S.?  Pit Bulls are mauling, killing, and eating a puppy, yet somehow you blame Gary for the savagery and sickness of Pit Bulls? Really Kim S., you totally missed the point that somebody’s companion animal was being killed and eaten? Really Kim S., you missed the glee with which these Pit Bulls mauled, killed, and ate a puppy by ripping it apart alive? Really Kim S., you missed the point…

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