Historic “head count”

Maul Talk Manual

As one can see from the original 1987 graphic (bottom left), which depicts the face of a vicious pit bull representing the “head count” of human fatalities, the only thing different today is the increased number of deaths inflicted by pit bulls. The graphic was published along side an article in The New Mexican on August 10, 1987 (See page 2: NM town’s plan to bar pit bulls draws opposition). At that time, the public was horrified at the number of fatal pit bull attacks; there had been 5 so far into 1987 (June 25, 1987). Continued Maul Talk, junk “identification” studies and the engine beneath The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine will lead to many more savage deaths by these dogs. It is a societal disgrace.


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One thought on “Historic “head count”

  1. The “suicide by pit bull” case with Dragovic is heating up in Michigan

    So the landlord that owned the property, knowingly let the tenant with vicious dogs rent and break and break the law and let his dogs runs loose, and got Dragovic to lie about the “suicide’ garbage——IS A COP

    Sheriff’s Lt James Spadafore

    Dragovic has a history of protecting other bad cops who kill people and blaming these murders on ridiculous things


    Dragovic ruled suicide on this so the victim’s family would have a harder time suing cop landlord Spadafore. Spadafore is also threatening journalists



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