Kim Stojakovic has no soul, what kind of a monstrous mother is she?


There is a reason Facebook has anti bullying pages… and only diseased minds can fathom the depths of the hatred these bullies have for their targets.  How does one mother spew so much vitriol at other parents who have lost their children to hideous Pit Bull maulings?

Perhaps her demented mind can’t comprehend the complex feelings when a parent loses a child.

It violates the natural order of things— your children are not supposed to die before you.

Your love for your child is unconditional and pure— perhaps the most profound of attachments you will ever have.

It evokes rage at the injustice of it all— it’s not fair for an innocent to lose his potential and fail to see his dreams fulfilled.

She doesn’t seem to be capable of motherly love herself, the phrase “eats one’s own children” comes to mind.

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Should we give Kim Stojkovic a mother of the year…

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Pit Bull lovers taking the low road.



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