A closer look at a “hero pit bull” story


We’ve long been curious about the rash of “hero pit bull” puff piece stories that seem to sprout like mushrooms immediately after each new horrific pit bull attack. Curious because they almost invariably seem suspect; there is little if any evidence, only a story from a somewhat less than impartial pit bull promoter.


Along the same lines, we’ve seen the sort of stories designed to evoke pity for pit bulls and their owners, involving faked assaults and other hoaxes. Even more disturbing are the cases where pit bull owners cover up attacks by their own, even when the attack is on themselves or their family members, blaming the attack on a unknown loose dog, a mystery cougar, or some other innocent 3rd party – all for the sake of avoiding more bad news about pit bull violence, and propping up a carefully crafted image of pit bulls as safe, dependable…

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