“Pit Bull Hack”

Identifying a Pit Bull Hack

Does it “reset” the debate back to the 1980s or 90s?

Does it use a red herring or “For or Against” title?

Does it fail to contain any useful new information?

Does it invent or perpetuate a “fake” controversy?

Does it sink to include Petey or the Nanny Dog myth?

Is it from a Pit Bull Hack source? (a writer or entity)

Is it blatantly biased or perpetuating misinformation?

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Maul Talk Manual

Pit Bull Hack
A “Pit Bull Hack” is generally a pit bull protectionist given a media platform to spread misinformation to the public. A Pit Bull Hack can also be a lazy journalist who reuses circular or red herring arguments (“Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?”) that have been around for three decades. A Pit Bull Hack can be a “pet writer” too or dog lover journalist sympathetic to pit bulls, sometimes recklessly so. The term “Hack” usually involves deliberately using polarizing language to “generate” page views or social media shares while knowing the piece does not contribute to reducing the number of maulings and deaths routinely inflicted by pit bulls. A Pit Bull Hack can also refer to an entire news group, such as the Toledo Blade and Huffington Post, who indisputably advocate for pit bulls and promote false myths about them. All in all, a Pit Bull…

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Kim trips over her forked tongue again by not gathering the facts

Excellent blog post.


19187905-mmmain..Bouts of ignorance demonstrated by a lack of research…Surprise!! It’s Kim!

It seems as if the “anonymous” writers behind the unpopular and pro Pit Bull blog Zombies and Dogs seem a little bit bitter. Of course, they are always a bit bitter when it comes to ANY negative press that “pit bull type” dogs seem to receive and the Ulster county Sheriff’s K9 training program has seemed to ruffle their bitter feathers.

“On Friday, that was the case at SUNY Ulster as the college hosted a K9 graduation featuring top dogs Maverick, a Chocolate Lab; Kiah, a Pit Bull; and Farrell, a German Shepard, named after Sgt. Shawn M. Farrell II, who was killed in action on April 28, 2014 while serving in the U.S. Army’s 10th mountain division in Afghanistan. “-Paula Mitchell, Hudson Valley News Network

But what she doesn’t tell you is that despite all dogs being trained…

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Non Profit Founder & Friends Call for support to Save More Lives


The Pit Bull Problem, a group Penicillin Penny claims is administrated and created by Jeff Borchardt, the founder of the non-profit group Daxton’s Friends and friends continue to solidify their public stance of supporting “putting the pit’s back into the pits”.

Penicillin Penny asks: Is it possible that the founder of Daxton’s Friends are funneling the small amount of donations into supporting legalizing dog fighting?

Answer: Not likely since a non profit’s books are open to the public. A little research on her part would answer that question.

Penicillin Penny thinks it is possible, stating: “especially considering how secretive Borchardt is about were his alleged donations are being allocated. What’s even more interesting, one of Borchardt’s close friend and fellow admin of the group Pit Bull problem is the lawyer J Thomas Beasley. Beasley, residing in New Orleans, a city dealing with it’s own dog fighting problems, has currently accepted…

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