Non Profit Founder & Friends Call for support to Save More Lives


The Pit Bull Problem, a group Penicillin Penny claims is administrated and created by Jeff Borchardt, the founder of the non-profit group Daxton’s Friends and friends continue to solidify their public stance of supporting “putting the pit’s back into the pits”.

Penicillin Penny asks: Is it possible that the founder of Daxton’s Friends are funneling the small amount of donations into supporting legalizing dog fighting?

Answer: Not likely since a non profit’s books are open to the public. A little research on her part would answer that question.

Penicillin Penny thinks it is possible, stating: “especially considering how secretive Borchardt is about were his alleged donations are being allocated. What’s even more interesting, one of Borchardt’s close friend and fellow admin of the group Pit Bull problem is the lawyer J Thomas Beasley. Beasley, residing in New Orleans, a city dealing with it’s own dog fighting problems, has currently accepted…

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