Janessa Mosley from Hercules, CA sends pictures of her pit bull & idiotic messages to a victims of pit bulls advocacy page

Janessa Mosley (AKA Nessa Mosley) from Hercules, California sends pictures of her pit bull along with idiotic messages to a victims of pit bulls advocacy network.

Janessa Mosley Hello everyone! I just wanted to say this group is filled with nothing but ignorant people that know absolutely nothing about Pitbulls let alone Dogs. Any Breed of Dog can be Just as Aggressive as a Pitbull. Its not about the Breed of Dog its about the Owner. When a child does something wrong who is Responsible? The Parent, not the child. Any Educated person would know that Any Breed of Dog is capable of being aggressive if raised Improperly. There are thousands of Pitbulls and other bully breed that live there Entire lives without hurting a single person or animal. And what about all the People and Animals that get killed or hurt by other breeds of dogs? I don’t see you mentioning anything about them. You know why? Because NONE of you people are animal lovers, your nothing but a bunch of ignorant fools that are to dumb to actually educate themselves. Understand its the OWNERS Responsibility for when a Dog does something wrong, not the dog itself. Any animal lover would know that. The Pitbull Breed gets killed more than any other breed in animal shelters and the only thing you people can do is hate on them and call them monsters? The only Monsters here are EVERY single person in this group who discriminate on Pitbulls for absolutely no reason. You people are NOT animal lovers, you are nothing but ignorant fools. My Dog Ginger got attacked by a German Shepard for absolutely no Reason, and if it weren’t for me she would most likely be Dead.. Like I said, ANY Breed of Dog can be aggressive, it’s all about the OWNER and it is the owners responsibility for their dog. This is my Beautiful Pitbull Ginger who I Rescued from my Local Animal Shelter in Pinole California. She is the most Amazing Dog I could have ever asked for, and she has licked and played with Many Children, Adults, Teenagers, and baby’s. She is Extremely Friendly and Wouldn’t Hurt a Single Person or Animal. I have been Raised around Pitbulls My entire life and know how to raise them. They are NOT mean and aggressive like you ignorant people say they are. Ginger is the most Amazing thing that has ever Happened to Me, and she has Inspired me to Rescue more Pitbulls and other Bully breeds like her. And Her and I will continue to Change people’s opinions on the Breed like we already have done with many of People. No matter what you people do there will always be more Pitbull Lovers and Supporters than there are Haters Like you. Me and the Thousands of other people will continue to be happy and enjoy spreading the good word about Pitbulls while you people wallow in Ignorance and Hate. Hope you people can actually Learn a thing or two.





Good to know she was able to achieve the magical task of identifying pit bulls.


Looks like Janessa is having troubles with her pit bull, ginger, at the local park. And her neighbor in the complex is trying to get her evicted. And she wants to educate US?


You can’t make this stuff up. Another fake “service” dog. You really do need “emotional support” because you’re delusional.

The moron is back under a different name.

The moron is back under a different name.

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Here comes the non-stop harassment from multiple profiles

Here comes the non-stop harassment from multiple profiles




Stop by Jannessa’s Facebook profile and let her know how you feel about this.


You’re welcome, Janessa.

You’re right, I did stop reading at “I lost my mother and my friend BOTH to dog attacks.” I agree with you about touting reputable sources. Care to give me a source to your claim? Because as of now, I think you’re absolutely FULL OF SHIT.

You’re right, I did stop reading at “I lost my mother and my friend BOTH to dog attacks.”
I agree with you about touting reputable sources. Care to give me a source to your claim? Because as of now, I think you’re absolutely FULL OF SHIT.



Who is stalking who? This behavior is truly psychotic.


Why are you sending me friend requests? Grow up, psycho.



I know the difference between an ESA dog and a real service dog. Please visit my post, https://daxtonsfather.wordpress.com/2014/09/16/service-and-therapy-pit-bulls-that-turned-pit-bull/


Updated: 10/12/2016

Beware of anyone related to this irresponsible pit bull owner.


18 thoughts on “Janessa Mosley from Hercules, CA sends pictures of her pit bull & idiotic messages to a victims of pit bulls advocacy page

  1. Pathetic. you can’t accept the actual facts so you take my personal life from my past and post it. i would love it if people came and checked out my profile, but you know what? no one is going to because no one cares about this pathetic blog you made.


  2. I say this with no hard feelings. Personally, I don’t favor dogs but hey, what can we say? Dogs attack things, including humans. We decided to domesticate them, so the question is, who decided to get involved with who first? This is real life. Violence, no matter how much we wish it wasn’t, no matter how much we wish it wasn’t our family and how we wish it was some other family, we have to either accept its being or attempt fighting something practically insurmountable. I lost my mother to a pit-bull attack, but guess who’s fault it was? My moms, because she came up to hit the dog on someone’s property because it was making a lot of noise that day. (Idiotic, I know.) Naturally, the dog didn’t like it and proceeded to go straight for the neck. She ended up bleeding out on the grass. Does it end there you ask? No, it doesn’t. I lost a very close friend to another dog attack. This time, it was a husky. Take a wild guess which one was more gruesome. It was the husky attack. This friends days ended with his skin being torn off, chunks of muscle missing, strewn across the paths. From what I’ve heard, it was because of the same thing my mother did to the pit-bull. Oh well. I like to believe respect goes both ways, if you respect the other party, then the other party will respect you. If these two people would’ve left the dogs alone, they would’ve been alive today. Again, oh well. Now, I’m not blaming people for everything. Dogs will be dogs. But, we are the ones with extremely developed brains and a way to communicate in such a unique manner; so we mind as well use it. I am sincerely sorry for your loss and by dog is a tough way to see someone go; especially someone as close to another as a son, but I do say that scoping someone out and attempting to ‘expose’ someone like this is a bit low. A lot of people would not see you as a person talking, but the anger within you. Instead of targeting someone like Janessa, and all the other people you post about, why not voice some researched facts from reputable resources and bring people to share and support your opinions and wishes appropriately (I use ‘appropriately’ lightly) and effectively. Anger is a powerful thing. I let it consume me for 6 years until I accepted it. I believe the only reason Pit-bulls are more well known is due to the media and stereotypes surrounding them. Ask yourself, ‘what do I see when I imagine a pit-bull?’ That same answer is what the media projects onto others. Please, take a breath and see how many things we can’t really help. We can fight all we want but in the end, what really have we done? Janessa should not be attempting to expose other ‘hate-groups’ as well for the same reasons as I’ve mentioned, and I do hope she reads this too. Again, I mean no harm in this message, only to share another story with you, but please, if you choose to, do something with this blog that will bring readers in and educate instead of shame others. Be above the people who send hate to you for advocating your cause, and discover your own voice to not bouncing back off of others. That is what I would do if I was in your situation, feeling what you’re feeling. I sincerely thank you for even reading this, and rest in peace to your son.


    • You’re right, I did stop reading at “I lost my mother and my friend BOTH to dog attacks.”

      I agree with you about touting reputable sources. Care to give me a source to your claim? Because as of now, I think you’re absolutely FULL OF SHIT.


  3. Damn, man. I don’t know if I should laugh or be weirded out . Why does this Janeesa chick care so much? I have been getting messages and pit bull pictures from her for MONTHS.


  4. Dana you’re just as crazy and ignorant as Jeff. Although Jeff is a stalker and pervert for making this article. you people are so blind by emotion you can’t accept the obvious truth of how it’s the Owner not the Dog. You people are the one’s with serious issues despite what you say.


    • “I’m” a stalker, Janessa? Is that why you keep sending me friend requests and messages under multiple profiles? Is that why you’re STILL here commenting?

      Get a life. Seriously. Go cuddle up to your bong or something.


  5. yea i message you that way you can understand how wrong and ignorant you are. and at least i don’t spend my time making these pathetic blogs about people like you do. not only that but the only thing you spend your time doing is spreading hate and lies over facebook and harass people. maybe i wouldn’t message you if you wouldn’t be so pathetic by making these blogs about people. and a bong. that’s nice. bring my personal life into this to try and make yourself feel better even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the matter lol. pathetic.


    • You’re a real piece of shit. You know that, Jannessa? A victim blamer. Why don’t you go find a different set of victims to blame. Like some rape victims, or the families of drunk drivers or something?


  6. i should be saying the same to you. and yes no matter the situation like i said the Owner of the dog is to blame even if they are the victim. unlike you Jeff i go by Facts, Not Opinions. Please, message me sometime that way i can give you Actual Facts.


  7. Its says your son was killed in a 15 minute “pitbull” attack. what did you people just stand there and let the dog attack your kid for 15 minutes? why didn’t anyone stop the dog? where was the ignorant irresponsible Owner at the time? also was the Dog a pure bred american pitbull terrier? You decide to blame an entire breed of animal due to one misfortunate event causes by human ignorance. you think your son would want that? why not do something to stop actual dog attacks instead of being so caught up in hate and anger. That way you might be able to make the world a better place instead of spreading negative crap like you’re doing now. If you think banning pitbulls is going to stop dog attacks you’re nothing but a pathetic moron.


    • You are truly sick. Have you watched ANY videos of pit bulls attacking? I am absolutely appalled that you would think someone allowed that child to be killed in such a brutal way. What is wrong with you?! Why didn’t anyone stop the dog? You keep preaching about “doing research” but maybe you should read about what happened. I am blown away by your lack of empathy. You are an aggressive person just like your breed of choice. Grow up.


    • Curious how would you go about stopping a pit bull attack? Could you educate me on that one, just for my own awareness? I just want to be prepared to intervene when a dog off it’s leash is attacking a small child. Pointers, tips, do’s and don’ts?


  8. Do you know why dog attacks happen? because if ignorant irresponsible people. either they can’t raise the dog properly or they can’t control the dog, sometimes and most of the time both. with larger dog breeds like the American Pitbull terrier it takes a strong pack leader to properly raise and train the dog. Also with most larger breeds it is good to take them to training classes while they are young. most people get these breeds and fail to do all the responsibilities it takes to properly raise the dog. the American Pitbull terrier requires discipline and training which most people fail to do. Another thing is some people get these dogs and leave them in the back yard all day. these dogs require your time when growing up to ensure proper training and socialization skills. they are also very active requiring a lot of exercise. i can guarantee most if not almost all “Pitbulls” in dog attacks are not pure bred American Pitbull terriers. The American Pitbull terrier was not bred to be human aggressive. it was bred to fight in pits against other animals and later on other dogs. that is where understanding dog behavior and the difference between human aggression and animal aggression in dogs is important which most people lack knowledge on.


  9. Any breed of dog can be aggressive. that’s just common knowledge. and most dogs you call “pitbulls” are mixed with some other type of breed like mastiff. have you done actual research about the American Pitbull Terrier? do you know the difference between Animal aggression and Human aggression in dogs? do you fully understand dog behavior? probably not. a dog doesn’t just attack for no reason. you make a pathetic group called ” The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Revealed” because you as well as all the other group members are driven by nothing but fear and hate. you people are driven by human emotion instead of actual facts. i really hope you post this in you’re pathetic group for everyone to read. they really need to educate themselves.


  10. Good lord, this child is annoying.

    Nessa, in those 30+ pit bull pictures, the only education I received is your carpet is really really dirty.

    Run along, shoo.


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