Harassing Pit Bull Attack Victims, Jennifer Lynn from Stanwood, Washington Sends Hate Mail, Cyberbully

Jennifer Lynn, Studied Medical Assist at Everest College 2011, Went to Everett High School (Washington), Lives in Stanwood, Washington, sends hateful and harassing messages to victims of pit bull attacks and their supporters.




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Visit Jennifer Lynn on Facebook and tell her it’s not right to harass victims of pit bull attacks online because they have a different opinion and experiences.




121 thoughts on “Harassing Pit Bull Attack Victims, Jennifer Lynn from Stanwood, Washington Sends Hate Mail, Cyberbully

    • And what would you know about having to think about God, life, death and whether or not your son is in heaven and if you ever get to see him again at the age of 39? Some of my favorite Bible quotes:

      Ezekiel 33:1

      The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, speak to your people and say to them, If I bring the sword upon a land, and the people of the land take a man from among them, and make him their watchman, and if he sees the sword coming upon the land and blows the trumpet and warns the people,(this part applies to you, Ms. “Ohyouknowustapibblelover”)

      then if anyone who hears the sound of the trumpet does not take warning, and the sword comes and takes him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. He heard the sound of the trumpet and did not take warning; his blood shall be upon himself. But if he had taken warning, he would have saved his life.

      Ezekiel 33:6

      But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, that person is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.

      Maybe this passage if more fitting for you:

      Matthew 7:6

      Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

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      • Leviticus 19:17-18

        17 “‘Do not hate a fellow Israelite in your heart. Rebuke your neighbor frankly so you will not share in their guilt.

        18 “‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.

        Are you anthropomorphizing here? Are you saying I hate dogs or people? I think I’ve been very clear about what I think about THE PEOPLE who advocate for these dogs and in turn the death of 100’s of children and 1000’s of animals.

        Philippians 3:2:
        Look out for the dogs, look out for the evildoers, look out for those who mutilate the flesh.

        Question for you Ms. Ohyouknowustapibblelover. Has your pit bull ever attacked another living being? Be honest now. We’re talking to God.

        Proverbs 26:11
        Like a dog that returns to his vomit is a fool who repeats his folly.

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      • You, of all people, are talking about being honest? That’s amusing.

        None have ever harmed a soul, if I had an animal that was vicious, it wouldn’t be around to cause damage.

        You can forgive the killer of your child, yet hate so many people that have done nothing to you. God does see everything. Posting bible verses does not impress him, the actions of his people do. Carry on.


      • I have been nothing but honest since I was forced into this debate. You know what else has been honest and truthful? The actual police investigation(s) surrounding the death of my son and the countless other victims of these dogs. The only thing amusing is the large amount of excuses you pit bull defenders spew after each and every death.

        Since there’s no way to know WHO you really are, Ms. Ohyouknowustapibblelover, I guess we’re going to have to take your word on it when you say you’ve never had any problems with your fighting breeds.

        It is interesting that you said, “If I had an animal that was vicious, it wouldn’t be around to cause damage.” The only reason I say that is, if you own a pit bull, you DO have a vicious dog. Maybe the word “vicious” is what confuses pit bull activists, and I can see why. It almost sounds like it is “currently” vicious, which can seem a bit confusing. No, I think a better, more accurate, word to describe fighting breeds are, “unpredictable.” It is their “unpredictability” that makes them so dangerous to you and anyone who comes in contact with your dog. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what a few experts (which I’m sure you’ll ignore) have to say about these dogs:

        Expert not surprised

        Benjamin Hart, professor emeritus at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and an animal behaviorist, said he wasn’t surprised by Iona Keanaaina’s assessment of Kava.

        “It’s quite common for a pit bull to show no signs of aggression,” Hart said Wednesday. “People will call it a nice dog, a sweet dog, even the neighbors – and then all of a sudden something triggers the dog, and it attacks a human in a characteristic way of biting and hanging on until a lot of damage is done.”

        Read more: http://m.sfgate.com/crime/article/Often-no-warning-signs-in-pit-bull-attacks-4611027.php


        “Most of the bites are inflicted by pets that belong to family and friends – and they are often warning nips. (Children’s behaviour often simulates that of dogs, they tend not to twig to warning signs like growling and they are less able to defend themselves than adults.)

        But pit bulls and related breeds – and let’s not be distracted by picayune debates about precise definition – are different. They often attack without warning and relentlessly.”

        Read more: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/columnists/dog-attacks-are-a-public-health-issue-and-should-be-treated-as-one/article30516631/


        Finally, most dogs warn you before they attack, growling or barking to tell you how angry they are—”so they don’t have to fight,” ASPCA advisor and animal geneticist Stephen Zawistowski stresses. Not the pit bull, which attacks without warning. Most dogs, too, will bow to signal that they want to frolic. Again, not the pit bull, which may follow an apparently playful bow with a lethal assault.

        Read more: http://www.city-journal.org/html/scared-pit-bulls-you’d-better-be-11995.html


        Unpredictable Aggression

        Some dogs may have aggression that does not occur on a consistent or predictable basis. There may be no reason or trigger for the aggression. Some dogs are simply not “wired” correctly. Many fighting breeds have been purposely bred for hundreds of years NOT to give any signal or prior warning prior to launching an attack. Many dogs of these breeds can have a high tolerance for annoyance, but a sub-set eventually reach a breaking point and lash out with no warning. Every week, another owner sobs that their dog had “never shown a sign of aggression in its life” until it mauled a child, visitor, or the owner himself/herself.

        Read more: http://www.daxtonsfriends.com/identifying-dangerous-behavior/types-of-dog-aggression/



        Now that we have established that it is the unpredictability in pit bulls that makes them unsuitable pets in a modern society, do you care to retract your statement, “You can forgive the killer of your child?”

        “Yet hate so many people that have done nothing to you.” – You mean I shouldn’t hate the assholes who have convinced you that somehow I’m this hateful, lying, convicted felon, who “forgave his child’s killer” and wants to “have any say so in other people’s lives?” So far everything you THINK you know about me has come from these whacko blogs run by nameless pit bull activists. Should I forgive and forget that fact? If you’re so sure a thorough investigation was not done in the death of my son, and you have any information that will lead to an arrest, please contact the Walworth county Sheriff’s department by clicking here: http://www.co.walworth.wi.us/


        Since you like to base your opinions of who you think I am and my motives based on a few blog post you found online, check out my blog post with parts of the ACTUAL police report.

        “The babysitter and parents of the child were friends and the baby had been in the babysitter’s house before – this was a routine day. The dogs were the babysitter’s own dogs and all indications show that she was a good dog owner. The house was clean, the dogs were healthy, and there was no indication that the dogs were mistreated in any manner.

        The babysitter went outside with the baby and her dogs began jumping on her in a manner that was either playful or attention getting and then turned into jumping on the babysitter in an attack mode. The dogs separated the babysitter and baby, where the babysitter tried to lay over the baby to protect the baby. The dogs then pulled them apart and continued to attack both the babysitter and the baby, killing the baby and leaving injuries on the babysitter.

        Nothing in the investigation showed any negligence or mistreatment to these dogs prior to the attack and it doesn’t appear that the dogs were provoked in any way.

        I read that the babysitter had raised the dogs from puppies and they were loved and adored. The neighbors said the dogs were friendly and lovable. There were no charges filed because the owner had done nothing wrong. I understand this one incident does not condemn every pit bull but but does your organization have any explanation as to what may have occurred in this case?”

        Bob LeGare

        Aurora City Council

        Read more: https://daxtonsfather.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/coloradogs-a-dangerous-plethora-of-hypocrisy-lies-and-deceit/


        “Iwicki stated that the dogs are kenneled at night and were kenneled most of the day TODAY. (We had 6″ of snow the night before) She has had them out of their kennels when Daxton has been there in the past with no problems. She stated she was holding Daxton in her arms when she led both dogs out to the back yard fenced in area to pee. She stated both dogs went of and peed. She said when both dogs came back to her, one of the dogs began to pull on her pant leg of her jeans. She said that she began to slap the dog in the muzzle, telling it to stop. She said she was unsure if it was Bosston or Penny. She stated then both dogs began to bite her on her coat, tearing the pocket, causing her cell phone to fall to the ground. She said at that point, Daxton began to cry. She said the dogs then started jumping up on her, biting Daxton as she held and attempted to shield him from the dogs.

        Report of Humane Ofcer Deputy Richard Lagle: Deputy Lagle states that he monitored the situation via portable radio in his office at the Sherif’s Department. He reports that the dogs were described as two 65 lb pit-bull type dogs. He stated that he contacted Cindy Wroebel, who is the Humane Officer at the Lakeland Animal Shelter, and advised her of the situation. Due to the nature of the attack, Deputy Lagle and Ms. Wroebel came to the decision that the dogs must be euthanized. Ms. Wroebel responded to the scene to remove the dogs. The dogs were transported to Elkhorn Vet Clinic, and euthanized by Dr. Jefrey Korosec. He is the one who prepared the dogs for rabies testing, by removing their heads.

        Deputy Lagle asked Dr. Korosec “How the dogs looked?” Dr. Korosec stated that both dogs looked healthy and were in “good” shape. On March 7th, Deputy Lagle retrieved the specimens from the Elkhorn Vet Clinic and drove them to the State Lab of Hygiene. The specimens were turned over to Dr. Jim Kazmierczak for testing. Deputy Lagle states in his report: “As the heads were removed from the box, it is my opinion that they were pure bred “pit-bull” dogs.” The dogs heads were tested and repackaged. Neither of them had rabies. Deputy Lagle contacted the Lake Geneva Animal Hospital, Walworth Clinic, where the dogs received their last evaluation in September 2011. At that time, the female weighed 58 lbs, and the male weighed 49 lbs.”

        Read more: https://daxtonsfather.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/coloradogs-a-dangerous-plethora-of-hypocrisy-lies-and-deceit/

        I have the full police report of all the bloody details of the attack if you want them, Ms. Ohyouknowustapibblelover?

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      • That’s quite a long response. Full of nothing. Call the dogs what you want. There are millions of them, if they were what you say, they’d be millions of dead people. They’re not going away, unfortunately, neither are the small majority of people like you.


  1. Ive never been arrested, I have raised and trained and showed dogs… I have an education and I’m not a pit bull victim. I have taken advanced biological sciences, genetics and animal husbandry. You just cannot escape the destiny of a pit bull no matter how much you hate Jeff Borchardt and other victims advocates. They wouldn’t be pleading for BSL if death had not come to one of their family members. Im not interested in your debate skills ohyouknow or your propaganda based on the NCRC bullshit. The fact is that the lines are being drawn outside of the US and it is just a matter of time. So go enjoy lovin on your pibble whilst people with common sense, critical thinking skills and education are working towards a solution to the accumulation of fatalities and maulings. God bless you and I pray you open your heart and mind to the truth about these ‘russian roulette’ fighting bred dogs.

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  2. I find it pretty disturbing that pit advocates find it necessary to try to discount Susan’s injuries in the attack that killed Daxton. Deflection tactics do not change the tragedy that occurred, when someone wants to shift the focus off of the fact that two pit bulls killed a child, it is disgusting to try to blame the babysitter. Pit Bulls can and do, turn on a dime with little-to-no warning. Nice job trying to sweep that fact under the rug in blaming Susan. Bravo imbeciles.
    I imagine she will live with the horrors of that day for the rest of her life, as so many others in pit attacks do. Breed lovers of other breeds do not go around hatefully messaging victims and posting pictures of their dogs on stories of attacks. What does that say about the large majority of pit bull advocates that take part in this behavior? It shows a disassociated disregard for the victims, being void of empathy and a sense of self-enititlement, so it should really be of no surprise when advocates try to pick apart Susan in regards to the day little Daxton lost his life.
    There will come a day when officials realize the risk outweighs the benefits of allowing pits and their variances within communities.
    As I have seen before, the advocates will scream about genocide, racism, and constitutional rights. I am sure victims of the Holocaust and people who have really lived through racism, would find it appalling that their tragedies are being compared to that of dogs. Our society is in serious trouble when people humanize dogs and ignore mailings and deaths because of their blatant narcissism.

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  3. 18I testify to everyone who hears the words of prophecy in this book: If anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. 19And if anyone takes away from the words of this book of prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book. 20He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!…
    Revelation 22:18-20
    Jeff, please don’t throw scripture around out of context. You’re adding to its meaning, twisting it for your own devices. I had heard that you had found the Lord. I am disappointed in your witness, this is not God’s way. Please pray for peace and healing in your life, for God to open your eyes to the Truth and His plan for your life. You have lost your way.


    • Psalm 22:16-21
      For dogs encompass me; a company of evildoers encircles me; they have pierced my hands and feet— I can count all my bones— they stare and gloat over me; they divide my garments among them, and for my clothing they cast lots. But you, O Lord, do not be far off! O you my help, come quickly to my aid! Deliver my soul from the sword, my precious life from the power of the dog! … 

      Deuteronomy 27:18

      “cursed is he who misleads a blind man on the road”.

      It’s exactly the same principle when a pit apologist misleads a naive rescuer by telling them that pit bulls are nanny dogs, that they are good with children, etc

      You want to know the first Bible quote that was discussed in the very first service I attended after Dax was killed? This one told me loud and clear that my purpose in life was to stop the carnage caused by these fighting breeds.

      Hebrews 10:38-39

      “But my righteous one will live by faith. And I take no pleasure in the one who shrinks back. But we do not belong to those will shrink back and destroyed. But those who have faith and are saved.”

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      • Jeff, you’re not living by faith. You’re holding to your anger and pride, escalating it and voiding your witness. You’re choosing scripture out of context, twisting the meanings. You need to talk to your pastor about the contexts of these verses. What is your perception of Christ? He expressed His righteous anger violently one time. He won converts with His love, not His anger. Your soul doesn’t need to be delivered from the sword, but from yourself and your obsession.

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  4. Proverbs 21:24
    Proud and haughty scorner is his name, who deals in proud wrath.

    Galatians 5:13-14

    For you were called to freedom, brethren; only [do] not [turn] your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. For the whole Law is fulfilled in one word, in the [statement], “YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.

    James 1:19-20
    [This] you know, my beloved brethren. But let everyone be quick to hear, slow to speak [and] slow to anger for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.

    Ephesians 4:31

    “Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.

    And be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.”


    • Kind to one another the way Ms. Purkisher has called the Susan “Dax’s killer?”

      Kind to one another the way these pitters have treated, harassed, bullied and lied about me, my family and Susan?

      Are we forgetting what this blog post is about? Is it kind the way advocates for BSL have been treated with these personal messages of hate?

      Yes, I have spoken at great length with my pastor, my shrink, my new friends at the church. Forgiving Susan, laying blame where it belongs on the sinister people and organizations who perpetuate death through these lies. Trying to save the next family from going through what we went through. It’s all justified. It IS my calling.

      Am I angry? Absolutely. I’m no priest. Sue me, Ms. Purkisher.

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  5. Ephesians 4:26

    “BE ANGRY, AND yet DO NOT SIN; do not let the sun go down on your anger,”

    “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord’ ” (Romans 12:18–19, ESV).

    Colossians 3:8: “Put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.”
    Galatians 5:19–21: “Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

    Jeff, all of this scripture negates that which you think is your mission. God does NOT contradict Himself! He never changes. He did not give you a “gift” or mission that contradicts His Word.


    • OK, GREAT! I’m allowed to be angry. So how am I sinning, Ms. judgmental Fredenburgh? Exactly.

      You’re right, it’s up to God to punish the unjust. But don’t you dare tell me it’s not OK to wish (not pray) harm on lobbyists and legislative attornies who bully lawmakers into passing laws that get CHILDREN KILLED, and those pitters like Ms. Purkisher here who hangs out on pages that share pictures of BSL advocates’ unborn children calling for them to be aborted.

      Don’t come here and preach to me for exposing and fighting back against these types of people.

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      • Do you think a wish is not a prayer? You are being misled, and I don’t believe any mental health professional would encourage the level of involvement you are practicing in this vendetta. I am not judging you. It’s not my job. If I were judging you I would be angry with you, for I have lost a family member to a drunk driver. I can’t be angry because you say God has forgiven you. If He has forgiven you, what right have I not to?
        I think you misread the scriptures I posted. Never let the sun go down on your anger. In other words, don’t try to hang on to it. As for “wishing” harm on people who have had different experiences with the dogs, that are not in agreement with you, here’s what the Bible has to say:
        Psalm 19:14 ESV
        Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.
        Matthew 9:4 ESV
        But Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said, “Why do you think evil in your hearts?
        John 8:34 ESV / 16 helpful votes
        Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin.

        Look to your spirit Jeff.
        2 Timothy 3:16 ESV

        All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,

        Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 ESV
        The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.


      • “Different experiences with these dogs?”

        Have you ever read this blog post https://daxtonsfather.wordpress.com/2014/08/16/the-pit-bull-lobby-jane-berkey-animal-farm-foundation-karen-delise-the-national-canine-research-council-indeterminate-breeds/ where Ledy VanKavage’s childhood pit bull killed another dog then she tried to hide it so it wouldn’t be euthanized?

        Apparently the Senior Legislative Attorney at Best Friends Animal Society has had similar “experiences” with these dogs.


      • I don’t understand why pitters constantly chase, harass, and bully victims of pit bulls and their families. The comments here prove that pit bulls are horrible animals owned and defended by horrible people. Just look at the disgusting comments aimed at victims.

        Nearly every day, I get a few threats of bodily harm from a pitters bragging about how their blood sport animal will “injure” me all the while proclaiming that it won’t harm a anyone.

        Only a fool will deny the facts. Pit bulls killed 5 times more often than all other breeds combined in the last 1½ years. Ignoring that fact gets people killed. Children die because of the foolishness of pitters.


  6. I do not think God dictates how people should grieve the loss of their child, nor does God expect others to tell someone that lost their child that they are grieving incorrectly. Perhaps you should imagine for a few moments what it is like living in Jeff’s shoes, before you judge his grieving process, or his mission to make others aware of the very real danger that pit bulls impose upon communities.
    God would want you to pray for him, not JUDGE him, or chastise him.
    He has to go home every night and kiss one child goodnight, while he is forever missing the other child that was taken from him. Think about that for a minute. A vital piece of his heart feels hollow, why don’t you have a heart and stop telling him how to get through it.


  7. It Simply boils down to this. A father lost his child directly due to PROPAGANDA. Pit bulls were bred to kill, but some selfish, sick groups of individuals are pushing this sick propaganda that SOMEHOW pit bulls are PETS! These sick groups convince unaware families that these dogs are “nanny dogs.” This father lost his ONLY son to killer pit bulls and propaganda pushers who make MONEY by rescuing, reselling, rehoming, and FIGHTING pit bulls. They all share the same sickness. Their love of DOG.

    Jeff, ignore these sick people. God will dispense his punishment on them in His own due time.

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  8. Do you think he is the only one who has ever lost a child? I do grieve with him, and I pray for him, but he is feeding his pain with his anger and pride. Perhaps you didn’t read my post. If I were not in the Lord I could be angry with Jeff, because I have lost a close family member to a drunk driver. He didn’t kill him, but he has been arrested for driving under the influence. How is that different from blaming all the owners but the ONE owner responsible for the loss of his son. It’s hypocritical! I am not saying he should still be angry with Susan either, but to be angry with every other pitbull owner in the world that had nothing to do with his child is not logical or righteous.
    I really am not chastising Jeff. Those words come straight out of God’s Word, so who do you think is really chastising him?
    When I read Jeff had found God I was praising Him, because He is the only One who can fill that emptiness Jeff and his wife feel. To have faith in God and to know that when he gets to Heaven he will see his son again, whole and intact, protected and loved by the Heavenly Father can be such a great comfort.Why would anyone want to raise up a child in anger and bitterness when he could show him the true path for a peaceful and loving life?


    • Unfortunately the circles you run with were posting memes about me after my baptism, Lynn.

      You’re concerned about how I’m raising my new child, I can tell you right now, my new child won’t ever be around pit bulls and I can’t wait to play the “spot the bad dog” game with him. You know, since it’s so hard to identify these dogs, gotta start him young.


      • Jeff, I am concerned about your soul. I am sorry about the treatment you have received from some, but it is not Christian to double down and return it. You’re feeding your anger and damaging your soul. Get into your Word, Jeff. Not just the verses you pick out to justify your “mission”, but the Gospel of John, and First Corinthians which is a manual of sorts for our witnesses.
        As for “spot the bad dog”, that’s a slippery slope. What happens when that child sees a story about a GSD mauling a child? Are you going to tell him that is a pitbull and the news source is wrong? Or are you going to tell him that all dogs can be bad if they are not given the opportunity to be good dogs? Don’t teach him to be angry all the time and take away his opportunity to be joyful. Don’t say the foolishness you say just to get an angry response from me. I can’t be angry with you because your words are not directed at me personally.
        I really am not attacking you, Jeff. I am led to say this as a Christian, and if you are feeling attacked you need to talk to God about it. I know all about the feelings that the conviction of the Holy Spirit can bring if we try to avoid the Call.


      • Just FYI: the “I know exactly what God wants and I’m here to explain it to you with chapter and verse” speech to strangers you disagree with NEVER WORKS and is only made to satisfy YOUR EGO and does not appear Christian in the least especially coming from someone whose abiding concern is keeping fighting dogs as pets.

        And the “I’m worried about your soul” crap coming from someone who is here only because of their abiding concern about keeping fighting dogs as pets is really not believable.

        And you’re beginning to really go off your rocker with your fantasies about how Jeff is going to raise his son…

        Any real concerns you have about Jeff and his relationship with God you should take up with God in silent prayer to yourself. Silent and to yourself. You know God will hear you.

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  9. And just who are you to judge Jeff? We are all sinful, in our minds and actions, otherwise what did Jesus die for? You are not holier than him. Considering you are on a blog judging someone who lost a baby and telling him how he should cope with his loss, you look a lot like a Pharisee. God is his judge, not you. You never lost a baby, nor are you God, so how about you just not even go there?
    Matthew 7:1-3
    Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.
    For you will be treated as you treat others. The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged.
    And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?

    In other words, you have the gall to judge my friend, and WE ALL KNOW you are fake. “Pot or kettle”? Renee, you’re the cauldron, hypocrite. You despise Jeff. For what, wanting to ban pit bulls? You disagree with him, and he infuriates you. So you’re obsessed with trying to cut him down and silence him. He is not against God wanting to ban a manmade group of dog breeds, there is NOTHING wrong with exposing the lies of Animal Farm Foundation. There’s nothing wrong with posting blogs on the horrendous shit people like you send to him and others, either. Let’s face it, you aren’t concerned about his salvation, you’re just pissed because you see him as a threat. It’s pathetic, really. It’s all you do, same old madeup stories about those in favor of BSL.

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  10. I am not a very religious person but the fact that this woman is taking all of this time to harass someone who lost his precious child far too soon, is disgusting. I don’t care how much you love your dogs or the breed, it’s no excuse to bother Jeff with your hatred. His child was killed by pit bulls. He has every right to grieve and be angry. I don’t know why you pitters take such offense to that.

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  11. What type of people would take a meme of someone being baptized and make fun if it? Absolutely degenerate people would do such a thing. How pit bull advocates can go on threads about children being mauled and post pictures of themselves with their dogs is beyond me. Do they really have not an ounce of shame. The story posted is not even about them, it is about what happened to a child. People who post those pictures are doing nothing more than saying ” look at me, look at me, I need attention.”
    I really wonder if they suffer from some type of psychological dysfunction because they did not get enough attention growing up. Perhaps they were raised by narcissists, so they are narcissists themselves. It is a coping mechanism, and an unhealthy one
    I would never post a picture of myself and my dog on a thread about a child being attacked by a dog of the same breed as mine
    I have more empathy for people than do do such a callous thing.

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  12. And no, Jeff is not the only person that has ever lost a child. Nice deflection there, I pick up on those subtle tactics, they are not clever. No one ever said he is the only person to have ever lost a child.
    Do not try to minimize you judging him by comparing the loss of others, we are talking about what you are doing, right here on this thread.
    How exactly do you know that him making others aware of the dangers of pit bulls is “feeding his pain with anger and pride.” What if doing that actually helps his guilt he feels over that day? It is likely helping him heal because he never wants another parent to go through what he has. Did you ever take a moment to ponder that? I am sure you didn’t.
    Mothers that lose their daughters to rapists that kill their daughters afterward, warm the public of safety precautions, what Jeff does is no different. The only difference is, the people that love their pit bulls do not like it, and that is too damn bad.

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    • I am very sorry any of you thinks I am judging Jeff. I’m not. I can’t send him to Hell or even put him in an earthly jail. I am giving him scripture he needs to be aware of, scripture which is much more healing than his activities of late. He knows this, which is why he has called you to attack me. I know the tactics, but you cannot hurt me for telling him the truth. And I am not being vindictive. What I say is out of concern, Christian love. It is the responsibility of the elder Christians to counsel those who are young in the Lord.
      As I said earlier, I lost a close family member to a drunk driver. Should I be angry with Jeff because he was convicted of driving under the influence? It could have been him driving the car. And I have lost a child. No parent should have to bury his child. It’s not natural. I grieved. I still have my moments, but I knew I had an obligation to the living members of my family to give them some normalcy and equal love that I had for my dead child, so I picked up the pieces of my heart. The only One that can heal Jeff is God, but he has to make room for Him to supplant the anger.


  13. Renee being here is just an example of what SHE is. You just can’t get rid of her. You block her, and she just keeps on and on, like a malignancy. Why are you so obsessed, Renee? Your comments are so heartless, what a disgusting piece of trash you are. I dare you to talk about his son out from behind your computer, you know damn well with you wouldnt.

    You are a coward. A hideous personality, who has an affinity for unstable, mutated breeds that burden society and are better off phased out of existence. You throw around words like “kettle”, “pot”, yet here you and your toadies are, always looking for ways to harass Jeff, always so fucking afraid of the impact he is making. Why cant you get your head out of our ass, hmm? I thought HE was the aggressor, the felon? You repeat that as if it has ANY relevance, what is it but projection from a narcissist? Funny how you somehow always slither your way into our topics, yet always want to whine about being harassed.

    You’re so boring, you wave around the same two vague screenshots from like, three years ago. You talk the same old shit about people and their occupation, yet you work at TARGET. HAHA. You call people dog haters, but your own pathetic cause kills pit bulls volumes more than BSL would– that just makes this even more stupid. Let’s see, what all has Jeff accomplished? I mean, he is very well-spoken and has raised awareness. He has saved many, many lives. Yet you, Renee. You are known as a child-hating bitch with a mental obsession with abusing anyone who speaks about banning pit bulls. You are ugly to people on the internet. That is it. Somehow, you still stick your pointed nose up at everyone, guess narcissism is delusional as well.

    All this stalking, you have nothing to show for it but your own pathetic scrambling. Jeff is really going to unload some shit on you. I hope he adds your disgusting comments, they really show you in your warped personality. I also suggest a hypocrite like you be careful twisting around the bible’s beautiful scripture. Really, three years and she still goes on with her petty shit.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Bullshit you won’t, I am still waiting on you to come to Arkansas like you said What’s the matter? Nobody wants to pet a toxic pit hag, do they? If they did, would you be less of an ugly person? I am sure if pit bulls could talk, they would tell you to get real help and stop using them as a crutch for your mental issues. Let’s face it, you’re off the deep end with your dangerous dog fetish.

        Liked by 2 people

      • I am well aware you and your band of hypocrites can’t keep me out of your thoughts, I have been informed you watch me 24/7 and have fabricated quite a story for me, being that your little Google searches haven’t yielded anything. How many people do your loser posse say live off the government, look like a man, are fat, or are felons? Oh, perverts, let’s not forget THAT exhausted line. Why are you so obsessed with being an absolute cunt to everyone? I barely know you, and yet you can’t seem to get over me.

        I will let you know that I am not phased by what you or anyone on the internet has to say about me, it’s merely an irrelevant diversion to bully me away from THE REAL TOPIC here. Not once in any situation have you ever done anything but parrot the same ad hominem, over and over about Jeff. What the fuck does any of it have to do with pit bulls??. You are not very bright, are you? Viewing YOUR profile and reading the ilk that comes from your entries has given me enough satisfaction :-). So go on, keep showing me how much I intimidate you. I will never stop, either, even if you stoop to making another page about a dead child.

        Liked by 1 person

      • In could give 2 poops about you. You started with the “pit hag” stuff too… why does my age bother you so? You can dislike me all you want, but if you ever needed help with paying your rent… if you ran outta vouchers, I’d help you out. I would have also helped you clean the chicken poop off of your porch. I can only imagine how sanitary that is… other than that we are just giving and receiving pointless jabs at eat other. Those don’t do any good for anyone.
        I don’t have a DD fetish, I also own a puggle and a cat.
        As far as jeff blog, what’s that gonna save? A human? He’s blogging about people now, that’s the right track since people are more harmful and vicious than any dog will ever be.
        Good day love muffin

        Liked by 1 person

  14. Jeff, I see you have removed my last three posts. I am sorry you have missed my point and very sorry you are feeling judged.; That’s not me, though. You are feeling convicted by the Holy Spirit and that’s why you removed the posts. It’s not hurting me that you remove them, because they are meant for you. I will continue to pray for your healing and for that of your family. God bless.


  15. The hypocrisy of crying about people who “harass” you on a BLOG who’s sole purpose is to harass people? You take the extremely dangerous route of posting names, addresses, pictures and family members because someone disagrees with you.. Then, on the same blog, discuss how you are being harassed??That’s some DBO logic for sure. “Get a life”? That is an attack?

    Honestly, an “I’m telling” page to post personal information because someone disagrees with you (a self proclaimed public figure) is more along the lines of something a pre teen girl would do .

    No one is “attacking a victim”. A personal tragedy doesn’t give you license to try and interfere in millions of lives, harass women and children and expect no one to say a thing. You are being attacked because you are an ignorant, silly little man who is projecting hate and bile onto everyone/thing except the actual involved parties.

    You hide behind this “victim” mantra as an excuse and a shield for any and all dispicable words and actions. It’s juvenile and pathetic. You have rounded up some followers that are just as sad as you as validation for your ridiculous actions.

    As long as you keep attacking millions of families whose dogs had NOTHING to do with your tragedy or anyone else’s, people are going to disagree with you and vocally. It has nothing to do with your tragedy and everything to do with how vile your message is and how disgusting your delivery is

    Liked by 2 people

    • Nobody “disagreed with me” dipshit. They went out of their way to send hateful, and harassing personal messages to people who “disagreed” with them.

      The point of these blog posts is to give them a hard time on their next job interview. I’ve been posting my hate mail from you people for the public to see since 3 days after my son was killed, long before “I attacked millions of families.” (Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean) It wasn’t until recently I started to get Facebook bans for the crap you lunatics send ME. So, here ya have it. A more efficient way to get the job done.

      Don’t like it? Quit sending messages to people you “disagree with.”


    • Oh darling, I don’t know if you’re actually that dumb or just pretend to me. “Millions of dogs” yes. You campaign against any dog that YOU think looks like a pit bull trying to put onerous restrictions on them and their families (most of whom have done nothing more than being born with a certain appearance) I have seen you wish harm, death and pain on innocent dogs and families. And no matter how much you wish it was not true, a dog (any breed) that lives it’s life as a loyal and loving family member is not your business and does not deserve to pay for a crime they were not involved in.

      But, I am not getting in a back and forth with you. You are an obviously unstable fellow with some serious issues. The fact that you HAVE this blog proves that.

      Have a lovely day, I hope someday you get proper treatment for your multiple issues. Your responses and inability to react to those who disagree with you with such rage is a sign of emotional immaturity and low self esteem. If you were not such a d bag I might actually feel nothing but pity for you.

      And Dana, I am not even going to bother with a separate reply to you…I think you have a crush on Jeff (the same kind of pathology that has women write love letters to serial killers in jail). I would also take a long look in the mirror (and scale) before I called another woman a “hag”.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. “Millions of dogs”, that’s rich. I think those are the ones they’re always pushing in shelters that nobody wants, because there sure as hell are more of those than owned ones. Let’s not forget the time bombs usually go off with a year or so, by then, “millions of dogs” more are whelped to replace the ones pts, right?

    Are you implying this blog is harassment for harassers? All I see is a bunch of lunarics messaging threats and spewing vitriol, if they do not want their names tied to a Google search showing their trash talk, maybe they shouldn’t send that shit to people in the first place.

    “Vile”, “disgusting”, those deflective words are so overused by your kind. As I said, Jeff is a threat to you. As you sit here, having the nerve to blame this outspoken victim advocate for his selfless work, pit bulls die amd die, overbred and put down via injection. If he was really set on watching them die senselessly, he and everyone else could just sit back and let you morons continue to not clean up your mess.

    You just blame Jeff because you’re too stupid to do anything that really helps pit bulls. You won’t even consider their genetics. All most of you imbeciles do is try to blame EACH AND EVERY PIT BULL ATTACK on any person or inanimate object you can find. You spout the brain-dead propaganda of AFF and NCRC, throwing their biased studies around because it tells you what you WANT to hear. Well, the dead bodies dont lie, but you sure as hell can throw your dignity out there and talk shit about attack victims, can’t you? Hence, this blog. Realy need to look at your own damn self and not worry about how Jeff deals with harassment–unless you are afraid of what he’ll expose

    Liked by 1 person

    • You would think facts are rich. I’ve been witness to this so-called victim advocacy since the moment I lifted under the Dogsbite.org rock, and, in that time, numerous states and municipalities have overturned BSL or passed laws that prohibit it. If that’s what you all consider a threat to these pets and their owners, I think I can speak on behalf of all “pitters” when I say keep up the great work!


      • Ah, yes. The “we are winning” pit pusher chimes in. Such a lovely bunch. Stay cocky like this, “pit pusher.” It’ll definitely be fun to watch your house of cards collapse.

        I’ve been to a few meetings that were trying to pass BSL. I can tell you now the pit bull apologists turn these meetings into an absolute circus. The majority of the time, by the time WE even hear about these anti BSL bills, it’s too late. They’ve already been rushed through the Senate without any debate or opposition. This is not the way our founders envisioned our political process to work.

        State, local and national legislators DO agree with keeping the public safe from fighting breeds until you bullies with your big lobby $$$$ and special interest groups come into the mix. Here’s a quote from a small town Ohio lawmaker that voted for BSL.

        Council woman Nancy Moore from Shaker Heights, OH –

        “I agree 100 percent with EVERYTHING you say in your email. I shared all this information with every single Council member BEFORE the vote. I voted in support of the proposed ordinance along with one other very convicted Council member. The rest caved as you so accurately observed after being bullied by a group of very rude, impolite, uncivil selfish people who actually dissed our Mayor during the entire Council meeting. I had to stand up at one point and call the meeting back to civil order. Never in my twenty years of elected office have I seen such behavior in any chamber of government. I was ashamed to be in the same room with these people who care more about their dogs than they do for the dead and maimed victims of pit bull attacks in our city.”

        This won’t last forever, I can promise you that. As Le Presse has recently uncovered this deceptive pit bull lobby, it is certain more will follow. The NCRC’s website has already changed the wording on some parts of their website if not scrubed entire pages completely since this report came out. It’s actually kind of fun to watch.

        Here’s a few quotes from a recent op-ed in Canada. Our neighbors to the north are moving fast and swift on BSL. Take out the words “veterinary body” and replace that with “AVMA”, and you have the exact same thing going on here in the US.

        “But it turns out the professional order’s report is flawed. As La Presse has revealed, the veterinary body cited five studies out of about 50 that were funded by the pit bull lobby, such as the National Canine Research Council, without disclosing their origins. At the same time, the veterinarians listed four recent medical studies on the gravity of injuries suffered from dog attacks, but downplayed the role of pit bulls.

        At best, the expertise of the order lacks scientific rigour and transparency. At worst, the veterinarians’ group is in a serious conflict of interest.”

        Read more: http://montrealgazette.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-pit-bull-report-flawed


        “The order’s president now says he recognizes those studies funded by pit bull defence groups should have been excluded or properly nuanced. He says there was no intention to minimize the risks posed by the dogs and that the order’s stance against breed-specific restrictions is long standing. But the veterinarian’s credibility has been damaged.”



        “The committee considering the legislation needs to take the veterinarians’ report with a huge grain of salt, if not discard it outright. It also needs to review its own recommendations against a pit bull ban, which were clearly based on suspect information.”




    • Are you out helping with S/N or are you just sitting online rambling about it? I go out and pay for people’s dogs to be spayed or neutered, that’s my attempt at getting numbers down. It takes more than just talking online about how bad everyone is. Any leg work coming from your side? How about we all get together and help with S/N? would you be down for donating?

      Liked by 1 person

      • “You PAY for people’s dogs to be S/N?”… With what, your salary at Target?

        We’re doing plenty of legwork by getting those 50,000+ fliers out there in circulation. They sure didn’t get out there by themselves. But I don’t suppose you like the “way” I’m advocating by telling the general public how many people pit bulls disproportionately kill every year.


      • Is that why our website’s traffic booms after every mass handout we do?

        And let’s talk about S/N for a bit. What’s up with pit bull activists? Even when it’s FREE they don’t get it done.

        Great comment:

        “The only individuals that can solve the pit bull problem are pit bull advocates and owners.  The peaceful public can’t impact the numbers of pit bulls abandoned on the streets and surrendered to shelters, only responsible neuter and spay by the owners of pit bulls can stop this suffering.  Pit bull advocates refuse this surgery even when it free.  Please google Kansas City.  They got a $1000,000 grant for pit bull neuter and spay, at the end of the year nearly $87,000 of it had to be returned unused because pit bull owners ignored direct mail notices, TV and radio spots, signage, and house to house visits.  It is the same everywhere. 

        Only pit bull owners can help starving pit bulls, the dogs are starved by their owners.  Abused pit bulls?  The abuse comes at the hands of their owners.

        Advocates hoping to educate (and pit bull advocates have been promoting education to solve the pit bull problem for 30 years and it has never worked anywhere) should target their “education” to pit bull owners, not the peaceful public.  We are the survivors of pit bull attacks, or family members of those who did not survive.  We got our education direct from the pit bulls. 

        If advocates could educate pit bull owners on responsible containment of their dogs, bred for an activity so violent that it is a felony in all 50 states, that would be a huge step forward.  Educate pit bull owners on the value of neuter and spay to prevent the horrific overcrowding of shelters, some 60% to 90% pit bulls, that would be a big step forward.  Mandatory insurance for pit bull owners would be huge, survivors pay their own medical bills till their money runs out. At this point survivors become Medicaid cases and the taxpayer foots the bill. If pit bulls were contained, insured, and neutered and spayed, and the safety of the public was protected then there would be no need or demand for regulation. 

        Pit bull advocacy needs to clean up its own mess, we can’t do it for you.”

        From the April 1, 2011 issue of the JAVMA. Volume 238, Number 7

        Page 901

        Table 3 – Prevalence of castration among the 10 reported purebred dog breeds at 651 private veterinary hospitals in the United States during 2007.

        Breed              Number (%) castrated

        Labrador Retriever         62,058(72%)
        Chihuahua                      32,309 (46%)
        Shih Tzu                          31,943 (57%)
        Yorkshire Terrier           23,750 (51%)
        Pit bull-type*                  10,691 (27%)
        Golden Retriever           25,150 (74%)
        Dachshund                     20,878 (66%)
        Boxer                               17,172 (58%)
        Beagle                             19,980 (74%)
        German Shepherd         15,526 (58%)

        *Pit Bull terriers (APBT) were classified as pit-bull type since it is possible that identical breeds (ie, American Staffordshire Terrier)  which maintain their separate breed designation, may have nevertheless been recorded as APBTs in some instances.

        Read more: https://daxtonsfather.wordpress.com/2016/08/01/taylor-moore-pit-bull-advocate-talking-points-debunked-lansing-michigan/


      • Currently, maybe not. But in due time, absolutely. Remember, all our entire non profit has to do is save ONE life for it to be a success. If ONE family decides to not bring a fighting breed into the home, it’s a success.

        It ends with “Canine Education” and my favorite role in this, “awareness.” There’s a big, local fair going on starting on Wednesday thru labor day with 1000s of cars. I have already put together the team to hit the parking lot on 3 nights. Very excited about it.


      • Great comeback when I ask about you helping with S/N. lol
        Boo boo, it’s not Target Pharmacy anymore, it’s CVS pharmacy. .. Don’t you remember? My pharmacy “salary” pays for a lot of stuff, I’m blessed in that department


      • Do I need to repeat myself? Maybe a little slower for you this time.

        “Pit bull advocacy (that’s you, Renee) needs to clean up its own mess, we (the victims & supporters) can’t do it for you.”


      • If someone else throws the flier on the ground, how am I littering?

        I don’t have the time to go through all the posts on Animal Farm Foundation’s (the $$ source of pit bull advocacy) Facebook page today, but if you go back a few months you’ll clearly see they are against mandatory S/N. They are against ANY regulation on pit bulls whatsoever.

        So, AGAIN I must repeat myself, “clean up your own mess.”


    • Jeff can advocate all he wants, I have no issue with that. What I have an issue with is the way he does it… he’s not by any means a decent human. There are ways to get info out there with out being a prick, wishing harm on bully owners, and blasting people’s information. What does having someone’s info do for advocacy?


      • “It’s the WAY I do it.”

        I’ll say it again. Do I hope that people who relentlessly advocate for pit bulls at the highest levels while ignoring the victims get mauled by one? You bet I do. Do I have sympathy for “experts” that should know better when they get mauled by their own pit bulls? I used to, but not any more. Do I think people who send these types of messages to victims and their advocates deserve respect? No, I think they need to be exposed and own it just as much you nut jobs have made own some of the terrible things I have said in the WEEKS after my son’s death.

        Renee, I’m just being honest here. I don’t like the “way” you follow me around the internet and post the same 2 or 3 screenshots all the while deflecting by calling me a felon and victim blaming with the “Susan wasn’t injured ENOUGH” nonsense. You may think I’m a prick for the “WAY” I fight back, but at least I have a reason for fighting in the first place.


      • I totally understand your reason for awareness, but the way you go about it isn’t fixing anything. The blogs you post just shows how nasty people are, you’re going to have those kinds of people everywhere, that’s not ever going to go away or change. Until the human race changes, you and I are going to be “he said/she said” until the cows come home. I think it is a little amusing that most of your “advocates” are felons. If you are a felon of any kind, you have no say in what responsible people do or the kind of dog they own. I bring her up for obvious reasons, you would enjoy blogging about my mauling, if it ever happened, but yet, you’re friends with the adult responsible for your tragedy.
        We can go back and forth on here for days, but guess what, nothing changes.


      • Wow. We have a Sigmund Freud on our hands. What insight and observation into the human mind you have.

        I’m impressed, really.

        You’re right, Renee. We could be going back and forth for WEEKS. Why? Because you’re the definition of a “last word troll.”

        Last Word troll –

        “A troll who must have the last word in any argument. Sometimes similar to a Stalker troll, they may follow their victim around reddit, trying to force them into rekindling the discussion. They also sometimes use PMs when their prey will not engage them.”


        I’m going to continue to log and expose this harassment, thank you. I have been doing it since 3/6/13 and I don’t see any reason to stop now. I’m going to continue to hope that people who advocate for pit bulls at the highest level get mauled by a pit bull. Honestly, I’m adding you to this wish list for making me respond on this post for four days. So here it is,

        “I Jeff Borchardt, hope that Terri Renee Jackson-Purkisher gets to someday feel the hopeless feeling of suffering from a relentless and brutal pit bull attack. I also hope that her friends over at Truth Be Told somehow blame her for the attack.”

        Have a lovely day, Renee.

        “Put a gun to your head and join your ugly son” http://www.cbs58.com/story/27349435/are-pit-bulls-a-dangerous-breed


      • Jeebus, you almost had me convinced to put my dogs to sleep, but then you had to go and wish an attack on my esteemed fellow nutter and reveal that you, not my dogs, are the arse hole.


      • Thanks for the generous offer, but I’m pretty sure I’m already on it. Nonetheless, I could get hit by a train walking my dog, and y’all would still list it as a death-by-pit on Colleen’s conspiracy website…


      • LOL! I went back and forth about the “death by train” with a different pit pushers a few months ago. I asked her to find me the link on DogsBite to this death. She couldn’t.

        Can you?

        I’ll be waiting.


      • This is the story she had previously counted as a death-by-pit: mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN0KT03A20150120

        Perhaps she removed the link in an uncharacteristic moment of truthfulness. Either way, it was a rare but illuminating glimpse into how y’all compile your dog bite stats…


      • Yes, official. DogsBite does an official press release every year. I don’t know if you’ve ever made a press release, but there are rules you must follow and those rules include showing proof for any stats you post.


      • I live in the real world, where any wanker can put out a press release about anything so long as they pay a small fee. But I would love to hear more about this fantasy world where dogsbite stats are credible because Colleen et al paid for a press release.


  17. I honestly do not care if I am perceived as “a sad individual” for speaking my opinion on the dangers of pit bulls. I know they do not all attack, but there is not a sure-fire way to distinguish which ones will go on to attack, and that worries me for children and innocent bystanders.
    I advocate for Jeff because his son was killed by pit bulls, and he receives excessive hatred for only trying to make the public aware of the possible dangers. I am sure if another breed started being responsible for numerous attacks, he would try to make the public aware of the dangers of that breed as well.
    I do not send pit advocates hateful messages, even though I have been on the receiving end of theirs. I do not feel the need to bully or insult in messages, just because they do not agree with me.
    I advocate against many causes that I think are important, and I do not care if people like me for it or hate me for it.
    I have noticed many pit bull owners lash out at anyone that thinks they are dangerous. There is no reason to go on threads about victims, and post pictures of their dogs. When that occurs and I am aware of it, I do speak up, because that is extremely insensitive and callous.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Renee must be really proud of her four-figure income bagging department store items. It gives her a sense of arrogance to call people felons and act like she’s somehow above everyone. I guess ‘pibble lovers’ never did have a high standard, lmao.

    Listen to you “he’s not a decent human”. YOU are going to set yourself out there and say that to anyone else? You are a Terry Holt clone, a worthless troll who has to fabricate things out of thin air about people, who thinks repeating it for 3+ years will make it true. Why is every guy you cannot win an argument with suddenly a pervert or a felon? Your desperation is reinforced by your three-day nagging of this blog.

    Wonder why I called you a pit hag? Because you are one. You’re a part of that aging sterotype of menopausal women who are too toxic for healthy relationships, so instead they force it on some poor pit bull who can’t object. I am a humble person, but I will be damned is a 40-something Target employee is going to speak poorly about my friends here. Say whatever you want about ME if it helps you forget your own shortcomings. What does having peoples info do to help YOUR advocacy?

    You actually run a page that’s only purpose is keeping up with what people on our groups say, that’s fucking pathetic, you really want to talk about Jeff’s conduct? LOL. Everyone blocks you, yet you still go on. And on, and on. There are many ways to get info out tbere Terri, and being a cunt to Jeff and everyone else who supports BSL does nothing for pit bulls. In fact, it doesn’t help your ego either. You seriously lack the vocabulary past parroting the same tired, old Truth BeTwisted garbage you guys build your lives around.


  19. Renee must be really proud of her four-figure income bagging department store items. It gives her a sense of arrogance to call people felons and act like she’s somehow above everyone. I guess ‘pibble lovers’ never did have a high standard, lmao.

    Listen to you “he’s not a decent human”. YOU are going to set yourself out there and say that to anyone else? You are a Terry Holt clone, a worthless troll who has to fabricate things out of thin air about people, who thinks repeating it for 3+ years will make it true. Why is every guy you cannot win an argument with suddenly a pervert or a felon? Your desperation is reinforced by your three-day nagging of this blog.

    Wonder why I called you a pit hag? Because you are one. You’re a part of that aging sterotype of menopausal women who are too toxic for healthy relationships, so instead they force it on some poor pit bull who can’t object. I am a humble person, but I will be damned if a 40-something Target employee is going to speak poorly about my friends here. Say whatever you want about ME if it helps you forget your own shortcomings. What does having peoples info do to help YOUR advocacy?

    You actually run a page that’s only purpose is keeping up with what people on our groups say, that’s fucking pathetic, you really want to talk about Jeff’s conduct? LOL. Everyone blocks you, yet you still go on. And on, and on. There are many ways to get info out tbere Terri, and being a cunt to Jeff and everyone else who supports BSL does nothing for pit bulls. In fact, it doesn’t help your ego either. You seriously lack the vocabulary past parroting the same tired, old Truth BeTwisted garbage you guys build your lives around.


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