Charlotte Anna Frayja Slavic (Hannah Marie) Sends Hateful & Harassing Message To The Father Of A Child Killed by Pit Bulls

Charlotte Anna Frayja Slavic (Hannah Marie), Lives in Montréal-Nord, Quebec, From Laval, Quebec, Studies Fashion & Design at Iassale Collage, Sends Hateful and Harassing Message To The Father Of A Child Killed By Pit Bulls




Stop by Charlotte Anna Frayja Slavic’s Facebook page and tell her how you feel about this.

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10 thoughts on “Charlotte Anna Frayja Slavic (Hannah Marie) Sends Hateful & Harassing Message To The Father Of A Child Killed by Pit Bulls

  1. Have any of you looked up the story about Daxton? He was killed by two pit bulls you imbeciles; there are police reports regarding it. You do have some nerve getting on a blog and accusing someone of faking their child’s death.

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    • Have you looked at the vet records to realize the dogs were boxer mixes and underweight? We all know that baby is dead and we are sorry for that. We call JB’s bullying tactics into question. He needs to take responsibility for his actions, past and present.


      • AGAIN with this nonsense. No matter how many times I publish this, no matter how many times I repeat this, you nuts STILL come back with the false narrative, “the dogs were boxer mixes. The dogs were abused.” You just keep repeating the lie, so here goes AGAIN:

        “Nothing in the investigation showed any negligence or mistreatment to these dogs prior to the attack and it doesn’t appear that the dogs were provoked in any way. 

        I read that the babysitter had raised the dogs from puppies and they were loved and adored.  The neighbors said the dogs were friendly and lovable.  There were no charges filed because the owner had done nothing wrong.  I understand this one incident does not condemn every pit bull but but does your organization have any explanation as to what may have occurred in this case?”

        Bob LeGare

        Aurora City Council

        Read more:


        “Report of Humane Ofcer Deputy Richard Lagle: Deputy Lagle states that he monitored the situation via portable radio in his office at the Sherif’s Department. He reports that the dogs were described as two 65 lb pit-bull type dogs. He stated that he contacted Cindy Wroebel, who is the Humane Officer at the Lakeland Animal Shelter, and advised her of the situation. Due to the nature of the attack, Deputy Lagle and Ms. Wroebel came to the decision that the dogs must be euthanized. Ms. Wroebel responded to the scene to remove the dogs. The dogs were transported to Elkhorn Vet Clinic, and euthanized by Dr. Jefrey Korosec. He is the one who prepared the dogs for rabies testing, by removing their heads.

        Deputy Lagle asked Dr. Korosec “How the dogs looked?” Dr. Korosec stated that both dogs looked healthy and were in “good” shape. On March 7th, Deputy Lagle retrieved the specimens from the Elkhorn Vet Clinic and drove them to the State Lab of Hygiene. The specimens were turned over to Dr. Jim Kazmierczak for testing. Deputy Lagle states in his report: “As the heads were removed from the box, it is my opinion that they were pure bred “pit-bull” dogs.” The dogs heads were tested and repackaged. Neither of them had rabies. Deputy Lagle contacted the Lake Geneva Animal Hospital, Walworth Clinic, where the dogs received their last evaluation in September 2011. At that time, the female weighed 58 lbs, and the male weighed 49 lbs.”

        Read more:


  2. How hilarious that a mere publication of the shitty thing she said is a “threat” and “harassment”. Who messaged whom? She can’t even fight her own battles, lol. Obviously this chick needs to go back to “collage”.

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  3. Jeff.. I came across your story on a link that was posted in the comments of a FB status.. the comments were about pit bulls.. the essay broke my heart.. I couldn’t even imagine the pain everyone involved is feeling.. I am so sorry that still to this day you get harassed over your son’s death..I can’t believe how disgusting some people are and how they can’t let a family grieve in sickens me.. I hope that one day you and your family can find peace in all this..


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