Pit Bull Ambassador, Angie Martinez from Seattle, Washington, Send Hateful Message To The Father Of A Child Killed By Pit Bulls

Angie Martinez, Former Sales Clerk at Deja Vu Adult Superstore, Worked at WholeFoods Market, Lives in Seattle, Washington, Married to Nathan Davis, From Everett, Washington, Sends Hateful Message To The Father Of A Child Killed By Pit Bulls

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You just read the ENTIRE conversation, folks. Now read her backpedaling and her friends being called in her defense a few weeks later:


I have not attack ANYONE, Angela. YOU came to MY page and sent me a message without knowing or CARING to know what happened to my son. Then you go to your friends, “this Jeff guy is attacking me and not showing the whole story.” YOU. ARE. A. LIAR.


Stop by this lost soul’s Facebook page (have your vomit bags ready) and tell Angie Martinez how you feel about this.


15 thoughts on “Pit Bull Ambassador, Angie Martinez from Seattle, Washington, Send Hateful Message To The Father Of A Child Killed By Pit Bulls

  1. Wow! Aren’t you a special kind of revolting. You son must be so proud to see his mothers ass and boobs all over the internet. Real classy! And you have the nerve to criticize others! You come here for the purpose of harassing a grieving father. Crawl back under your rock where you belong? Please! Before I puke!

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    • Let me guess. She does not believe in Jesus or God. She has never done a kind thing for anybody. She only takes and the only thing she is good at giving is bathroom head.

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  2. I was eating lunch…was….besides the pics of a heroin addict stripper, her spelling and lack of grammar have me a headache. I wonder how sympathetic she will be if her sweet bully kills or mauls her son. Smh

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  3. My favorite part about this is that you won’t show the threats you made that I reacted to and didnt put that you started harassing friends of mine cause they own pitbulls and you don’t even know any of them what so ever you judged them cause of their dog. Your scum and the fact that others judge a book by its cover is no good person to me


  4. Lol you cut out half of the conversation, you only put the things she wrote, not the harassing messages from the other person and just made her look bad, I saw the whole conversation her point was not all pit bulls are bad, that’s like saying all people kill people because there are serial killers. Way to shame her and try to get people to harass her without sharing the entire story and the entire conversation dude. I’m know Angie very well and people don’t get angry when they’re not provoked, that guy was harassing her friend. And all you ignorant fucks that didn’t realize you only saw her part of the conversation are stupid, maybe you should contact her and ASK HER TO SEE THE WHOLE CONVERSATION.


  5. I get what happened to your son…. It’s sucks more then anyone could know ok I get that but your attacking people cause they own pitbulls… That’s my point people you don’t know what so ever that you have never met your attacking people and when they defend them selves you blast them and make them seem horrible


    • I don’t go out of my way to attack ANYONE. Never have, never will.

      You’re a fucking trashy whore AND a liar. Look at the beginning of the message. It’s all there when it says “You and Angie aren’t connected.” ANYONE who has used Facebook PMs before knows this to be true.

      You’re just pissed and now backpedaling because someone finally exposed your hatred to the public. Not that you would care by the looks of it anyway.

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  6. Dear Lord, as soon as I saw this woman’s page, the first thing that came to mind was, “consider the source” How could you look at this poor bitch for one minute and take anything she says seriously?? She’s pathetic. Block her, and don’t waste any more time on her.


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