Pit Bull Victims Harassment, Ashley Elizabeth Schiano Sends Harassing Messages

Ashley Elizabeth Schiano Stalks and Harasses the father and family of a child killed by pit bulls.


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Stop by Ashley’s profile and tell her how you feel about this: https://www.facebook.com/ashley.schiano.7


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6 thoughts on “Pit Bull Victims Harassment, Ashley Elizabeth Schiano Sends Harassing Messages

  1. This interview with Jeff Borchardt, anti-Pit Bull hatemonger, is a total misrepresentation of actual reality. How many lies can be packed into 45 seconds?

    First of all, this piece states that Mr. Borchardt had “no concern” with the dogs being around his baby. This isn’t true, as he’s stated numerous times that the dogs were to remain kenneled in a yard outside and never to be around his son. Yet, he now blames ALL dogs for his son’s death and not the actual babysitter who violated his request… And I’m certainly not saying she needs blamed, but if he’s hellbent on blaming someone in order to process his grief then maybe he should start with focusing on the individuals who were actually involved with Daxton’s death. This babysitter, Susan Iwicki, has now conveniently became as vicious in her sweeping anti-dog ideologies as Borchardt is, which surely comes in handy for the cause of trolling the internet using a multitude of fake profiles to spread hate against all Pit Bulls and all dog owners. Also, in this story Borchardt claims to have not only known and liked the dogs, but talks as if he has all kinds of personal insight into their actual characters. More disingenuous, reconstructed and dressed up nonsense. This is aside from the numerous erroneous factoids he attempts to jam into his last sentence that they air for their piece. Last, it’s claimed that his organization doesn’t seek a ban on Pit Bulls, yet there’s years of his own statements available online that tell otherwise. Represent yourself honestly in public, man!

    These tactics of inconsistency are always present when the few DogsBite followers (rarely) come out and present their ideas to the non-controlled public. Colleen Lynn does the exact same thing, ramping down her rhetoric to appear only 75% psychotic instead of a raging 125%. Again, be real. It speaks volumes when you can’t be.

    FACTS to counter the rubbish in the video interview from MyFOX Chicago:


    • From our story;

      “Yes, I told her to never have Dax around the dogs. But that didn’t mean it was because I thought they were vicious human killers. I was more afraid that he would be knocked down or whacked in the face with their tails. The worse case scenario would have been a warning nip. Did I say hurtful things about Susan in the few days or weeks after Dax was killed? Yes, but I never acted out what I was thinking. The only thing Susan is guilty of is being a good babysitter. And I say that because she wasn’t willing to leave him alone for even 2 minutes while she let the dogs out. She later told me how he would cry so hard when she even left him alone on the other side of the door when she went to the bathroom.  If I had known that Susan was letting her dogs out while carrying Dax, I wouldn’t have been greatly concerned, but I would’ve just asked her to change her routine. I honestly believed that Dax would’ve been fine by himself for 2 minutes. I used to run out to the garage, mailbox or take out the garbage and leave Dax alone in a pinch. I would like to think that my weakest moments have been in this anger stage.”

      Read full post: http://www.daxtonsfriends.com/2014/12/hounded/


      Zero Margin of Error Rule

      On Father’s Day, another tirade unfolded on Jeff’s timeline. In this case, the “So sorry for your loss … BUT” post related to the perfect dog owner concept or what DogsBite calls the “zero margin of error” rule for pit bull owners. If only Susan had “exactly” followed the rules set forth by the boy’s parents, Dax would still be alive. Susan was imperfect on March 6th and broke the “zero margin of error” rule for pit bull owners by carrying Dax outside while letting the dogs into the run.

      Many pit bull owners — particularly those duped by the myth, “It’s all how you raise them” — are unaware of this rule until it is too late. The margin of error between humans and normal dog breeds is a vast meadow. Humans and dogs can make small, medium and large errors within this area without significant repercussions. Pit bull owners, however, have “zero margin of error” — one simple error or oversight can result in a catastrophic or fatal pit bull mauling.

      Perfect dog owners are similar to perfect parents — both are nonexistent. There are strengths and weaknesses in each role, even average and great, but never perfection. Susan did not leave this child unattended on that day, which was the other option, to leave Dax in a room in the house alone while the dogs took a bathroom break. Zealous pit bull advocates would have the public believe that perfect dog owners and the “zero margin of error” rule are reasonable.

      Only pit bull experts, a selection of zealous pit bull owners and dogfighters — real knowers of the breed — understand the “zero margin of error” rule. The broader category of pit bull owners, such as what Susan falls within, is either in denial of the rule or has no idea of its existence. Duped by the pervasive myth, “It’s all how you raise them,” along with similar myths, “It’s the owner” and “All dogs are the same,” how would the average pit bull owner even know about this rule?

      Read more: http://blog.dogsbite.org/2013/07/beyond-the-interview-essay-of-a-fatal-pit-bull-mauling.html?m=1


  2. I have seen quite a flood of disgraceful, trashy people set you in their sights, Jeff. It makes you wonder why they are so upset with you. Because you speak out about what happened to you and refuse to be silent? It shows you this generation of conceited selfie whores are going to screw the world.

    It is quite a coincidental group of dumbfuck skank idiots sending you death wishes and spewing hatred. Your blogs show that their obsession and idiotic worship of a fighting breed goes hand and hand with being a psychopath hose beast with no self-respect. These ugly people in the world are just afraid of you and what you have to say. It is what all of them have in common. It isn’t what they claim you are or what they invent to lie about, it is your viee on pit bulls. Other dog breed enthusiasts never act this self-entitled or ill-bred about someone not liking their breed.

    To think, this person is citing a one-sided and fictitious butthurt rambling fron another example of how pit bull mania draws in the trash. Some of the nastiest people, the defective, soulless kind that wouldn’t give two shits for public safety, for anything that isn’t about THEM are drawn to these horrible dogs. The messages just get uglier and uglier, then they come here and try to actually justify their disgisting remarks. Wow.


  3. Good for you exposing crazy pieces of trash for what they really are! It’s too bad that THE WORLD cannot see the way these people behave. I’ve gotten a few of them in trouble and disgraced by sending screenshots of their behavior to their bosses or board of directors. Wouldn’t it be nice if they ACTUALLY cared enough to ask you what happened and really understand the issue instead of believing each other’s dim witted posts and heresay. If they took TWO SECONDS to get to know the victims, especially those who were attacked by their own well-raised family pits, they would know. But I think that people who act like this are just mentally unstable anyway. So it is probably pointless. But SCARY to think that we actually live amongst them. 😮


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