Paula Sully Sullivan from Pikeville, North Carolina, Harasses And Lies About Victims Of Pit Bull Attacks and Their Supporters

Paula Sully (Redd) Sullivan from Pikeville, North Carolina, Volunteering at Crossposting and Advocating for Animals, all at Pit Bull Activist, Co-Owner at Crazy for Pitties, Advocate at Animal rights activist, stalks, harasses and lies about victims of pit bull attacks and their supporters.



“The babysitter and parents of the child were friends and the baby had been in the babysitter’s house before – this was a routine day.  The dogs were the babysitter’s own dogs and all indications show that she was a good dog owner.  The house was clean, the dogs were healthy, and there was no indication that the dogs were mistreated in any manner.

The babysitter went outside with the baby and her dogs began jumping on her in a manner that was either playful or attention getting and then turned into jumping on the babysitter in an attack mode.  The dogs separated the babysitter and baby, where the babysitter tried to lay over the baby to protect the baby.  The dogs then pulled them apart and continued to attack both the babysitter and the baby, killing the baby and leaving injuries on the babysitter.

Nothing in the investigation showed any negligence or mistreatment to these dogs prior to the attack and it doesn’t appear that the dogs were provoked in any way.

I read that the babysitter had raised the dogs from puppies and they were loved and adored.  The neighbors said the dogs were friendly and lovable.  There were no charges filed because the owner had done nothing wrong.  I understand this one incident does not condemn every pit bull but but does your organization have any explanation as to what may have occurred in this case?”

Bob LeGare

Aurora City Council

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“Iwicki stated that the dogs are kenneled at night and were kenneled most of the day TODAY. (We had 6” of snow the night before) She has had them out of their kennels when Daxton has been there in the past with no problems. She stated she was holding Daxton in her arms when she led both dogs out to the back yard fenced in area to pee. She stated both dogs went of and peed. She said when both dogs came back to her, one of the dogs began to pull on her pant leg of her jeans. She said that she began to slap the dog in the muzzle, telling it to stop. She said she was unsure if it was Bosston or Penny. She stated then both dogs began to bite her on her coat, tearing the pocket, causing her cell phone to fall to the ground. She said at that point, Daxton began to cry. She said the dogs then started jumping up on her, biting Daxton as she held and attempted to shield him from the dogs.

“Report of Humane Ofcer Deputy Richard Lagle: Deputy Lagle states that he monitored the situation via portable radio in his office at the Sherif’s Department. He reports that the dogs were described as two 65 lb pit-bull type dogs. He stated that he contacted Cindy Wroebel, who is the Humane Officer at the Lakeland Animal Shelter, and advised her of the situation. Due to the nature of the attack, Deputy Lagle and Ms. Wroebel came to the decision that the dogs must be euthanized. Ms. Wroebel responded to the scene to remove the dogs. The dogs were transported to Elkhorn Vet Clinic, and euthanized by Dr. Jefrey Korosec. He is the one who prepared the dogs for rabies testing, by removing their heads.

Deputy Lagle asked Dr. Korosec “How the dogs looked?” Dr. Korosec stated that both dogs looked healthy and were in “good” shape. On March 7th, Deputy Lagle retrieved the specimens from the Elkhorn Vet Clinic and drove them to the State Lab of Hygiene. The specimens were turned over to Dr. Jim Kazmierczak for testing. Deputy Lagle states in his report: “As the heads were removed from the box, it is my opinion that they were pure bred “pit-bull” dogs.” The dogs heads were tested and repackaged. Neither of them had rabies. Deputy Lagle contacted the Lake Geneva Animal Hospital, Walworth Clinic, where the dogs received their last evaluation in September 2011. At that time, the female weighed 58 lbs, and the male weighed 49 lbs.”

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10 thoughts on “Paula Sully Sullivan from Pikeville, North Carolina, Harasses And Lies About Victims Of Pit Bull Attacks and Their Supporters

  1. Just another stinking heap of nasty pit trash, saying horrible things about a tragedy. Perhaps if she lived one day knowing what losing a child is like. Can’t just keep that Shrek donkey mouth shut about it, oh no. That would mean she had some sort of decency in her soul. Good lord look at that set of chompers, serious inbreeding issues there. Must be why she is “crazy for pitties”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow that is a really low. They will attack families and lie about anything to promote and protect pitbulls. More than sad. They are sick vile people.


  3. You’re posting my IP address? Looool awesome! It’s sad when my son says you act like a child by posting these things!!!!


    • Your son has a lot more things to worry about considering his mother is AWARE of the daily pit bull maulings, yet chooses to expose him to them anyway. I’d be more worried that he’ll be able to someday look back and see how his mother used to stalk, harass and talk mad shit about grieving parents who have buried children to violent pit bull maulings. You’re mother of the year and it makes me happy he’ll be able to look up what you’re doing online when he grows up. If I were you, I’d be praying to God one of these fighting breeds I advocate for doesn’t turn on you or someone I love.


    • Is that sort of like the #peanutbuttergate screenshot from FOUR years ago that has been completely taken out of context and turned into this false narrative that it was said to a 11,12,13,14,15 year old “minor” on Facebook?


  4. Her comments to survivors and the parents andoved ones of those viciously killed by pitbulls speaks volumes about who she is. Kind of difficult to chose one comment that doesn’t portray her in a negative light. It’s why I blocked her long ago.


  5. This might explain, and I think it’s pretty obvious to even casual observers of Pit Bull owners:

    “Studies have shown that owners of pit bulls are more likely to have criminal records and more likely to display antisocial behavior than owners of more common and less-vicious breeds.

    The studies, published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence and the Journal of Forensic Sciences, were titled “Ownership of High-Risk (Vicious) Dogs as a Marker for Deviant Behaviors” and “Vicious Dogs: The Antisocial Behaviors and Psychological Characteristics of Owners.”


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