Anatomy of a Pit Bull Attack

Susy Flory's ANIMALIA

Spoiler alert: My dog survived! 

Disclaimer: This story includes some graphic details.

Sprinkles Sprinkles is a silky terrier.

People who love pit bull dogs REALLY love them. I get that. I’m actually a little nervous writing up this story because pit bull advocates are not only enthusiastic, but also very defensive about these animals. I get that, too.

I love animals and I grew up on horseback, the daughter of a Texas cowboy, and I’ve had just about every kind of creature people keep as pets. For a while we even had a pet tarantula; it ate live crickets. I love animals and can’t imagine life without them. I love horses and can ride one without a saddle or bridle. I’ve rescued animals and given them second chances. I’ve advocated for them. I have a daughter who works in wildlife rescue. I’m fascinated by the human-animal bond and the healing power of…

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