Photo Shopped Screenshots – Pit Bull Advocacy Hits A New Low

In the five years since my son was brutally mauled to death by family pit bulls, I’ve seen their [pit bull] “advocates” do and say some pretty dishonest, deceiving and despicable things. They get even worse when they get desperate. But I think the new low they hit yesterday has really opened up a Pandora’s box.

I opened up a PM I received to Daxton’s Friends Facebook page that said this:

See, you might not know why they’re [pit bull advocates] currently targeting Mr. Wildgoose, but you would understand if you have been following his Facebook page. Mr. Wildgoose recently raised enough funds from VICTIMS of pit bulls and their advocates to purchase a billboard in Michigan and a billboard truck in Manhattan last weekend.

Of course I thought it was totally awesome, but pit bull advocates weren’t so thrilled.

Before I get back to the original PM screenshot I showed you, I need to rewind it one more day to show you their first feeble attempt at slandering Mr. Wildgoose:

So let’s see. They are so threatened by Mr. Wildgoose, that in under a week, they [pit bull advocates] have accused him of being a pedophile and a racist.

I don’t have a lot of time in my day anymore, so I’ll keep this post short. Back to the original PM to Daxton’s Friends.¬†Unless you’re a pit bull advocate, you’re a pretty smart person. So I’m confident you’ll figure it out. At first I thought some of the super nutters on the internet made a fake Facebook page (click here to see what I’m talking about) to make it look like Mr. Wildgoose was saying such horrific things, but thanks to the quick eye of my friend who pointed it out, their tactic is much worse. One of the pit bull advocates is now using Photoshop to make it look like advocates for public safety are saying things online that they are not. Here is the proof:

I’m going to show you the original post and two screenshots before Joanna removed her comment side by side. It is so obvious what is going on here. Notice the next comment by Joanna followed by Wayne’s.

After Photoshop

Original post










A warning to pit bull fanatics on the internet:

If these are the tactics that pit bull advocacy are going to start engaging in, you really don’t want to know what kind of ideas you have inspired in me. So far the victims of pit bulls harassment, the comments, false blogs, targeting of our places of employment, flat out lies and slander we receive have not had to be taken out of context or completely made up. I don’t think you want to see how creative my friends and I can be. The possibilities are endless. My advice to you would be to find out whoever made these Photoshop comments and put an end to it.

My response: I wasn’t that far off, was I?