Paula Sully Sullivan from Pikeville, North Carolina, Harasses And Lies About Victims Of Pit Bull Attacks and Their Supporters

Paula Sully (Redd) Sullivan from Pikeville, North Carolina, Volunteering at Crossposting and Advocating for Animals, all at Pit Bull Activist, Co-Owner at Crazy for Pitties, Advocate at Animal rights activist, stalks, harasses and lies about victims of pit bull attacks and their supporters.



“The babysitter and parents of the child were friends and the baby had been in the babysitter’s house before – this was a routine day.  The dogs were the babysitter’s own dogs and all indications show that she was a good dog owner.  The house was clean, the dogs were healthy, and there was no indication that the dogs were mistreated in any manner.

The babysitter went outside with the baby and her dogs began jumping on her in a manner that was either playful or attention getting and then turned into jumping on the babysitter in an attack mode.  The dogs separated the babysitter and baby, where the babysitter tried to lay over the baby to protect the baby.  The dogs then pulled them apart and continued to attack both the babysitter and the baby, killing the baby and leaving injuries on the babysitter.

Nothing in the investigation showed any negligence or mistreatment to these dogs prior to the attack and it doesn’t appear that the dogs were provoked in any way.

I read that the babysitter had raised the dogs from puppies and they were loved and adored.  The neighbors said the dogs were friendly and lovable.  There were no charges filed because the owner had done nothing wrong.  I understand this one incident does not condemn every pit bull but but does your organization have any explanation as to what may have occurred in this case?”

Bob LeGare

Aurora City Council

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“Iwicki stated that the dogs are kenneled at night and were kenneled most of the day TODAY. (We had 6” of snow the night before) She has had them out of their kennels when Daxton has been there in the past with no problems. She stated she was holding Daxton in her arms when she led both dogs out to the back yard fenced in area to pee. She stated both dogs went of and peed. She said when both dogs came back to her, one of the dogs began to pull on her pant leg of her jeans. She said that she began to slap the dog in the muzzle, telling it to stop. She said she was unsure if it was Bosston or Penny. She stated then both dogs began to bite her on her coat, tearing the pocket, causing her cell phone to fall to the ground. She said at that point, Daxton began to cry. She said the dogs then started jumping up on her, biting Daxton as she held and attempted to shield him from the dogs.

“Report of Humane Ofcer Deputy Richard Lagle: Deputy Lagle states that he monitored the situation via portable radio in his office at the Sherif’s Department. He reports that the dogs were described as two 65 lb pit-bull type dogs. He stated that he contacted Cindy Wroebel, who is the Humane Officer at the Lakeland Animal Shelter, and advised her of the situation. Due to the nature of the attack, Deputy Lagle and Ms. Wroebel came to the decision that the dogs must be euthanized. Ms. Wroebel responded to the scene to remove the dogs. The dogs were transported to Elkhorn Vet Clinic, and euthanized by Dr. Jefrey Korosec. He is the one who prepared the dogs for rabies testing, by removing their heads.

Deputy Lagle asked Dr. Korosec “How the dogs looked?” Dr. Korosec stated that both dogs looked healthy and were in “good” shape. On March 7th, Deputy Lagle retrieved the specimens from the Elkhorn Vet Clinic and drove them to the State Lab of Hygiene. The specimens were turned over to Dr. Jim Kazmierczak for testing. Deputy Lagle states in his report: “As the heads were removed from the box, it is my opinion that they were pure bred “pit-bull” dogs.” The dogs heads were tested and repackaged. Neither of them had rabies. Deputy Lagle contacted the Lake Geneva Animal Hospital, Walworth Clinic, where the dogs received their last evaluation in September 2011. At that time, the female weighed 58 lbs, and the male weighed 49 lbs.”

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Pit Bull Activist, Leah Delgado, Sends Hateful and Harassing Message To Victims Of Pit Bull Attacks and Their Supporters

Pit Bull Activist, Leah Delgado, Lives in Kent, Kent, United Kingdom, Sends Hateful and Harassing Message To Victims Of Pit Bull Attacks and Their Supporters


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I think pit bull activists should start following Renee Jackson-Purkhiser's advice

I think pit bull activists should start following Renee Jackson-Purkhiser’s advice


Pit Bull Ambassador, Angie Martinez from Seattle, Washington, Send Hateful Message To The Father Of A Child Killed By Pit Bulls

Angie Martinez, Former Sales Clerk at Deja Vu Adult Superstore, Worked at WholeFoods Market, Lives in Seattle, Washington, Married to Nathan Davis, From Everett, Washington, Sends Hateful Message To The Father Of A Child Killed By Pit Bulls

img_20160913_104700 img_20160913_104806
img_20160913_104834 img_20160913_105318 img_20160913_105436

You just read the ENTIRE conversation, folks. Now read her backpedaling and her friends being called in her defense a few weeks later:


I have not attack ANYONE, Angela. YOU came to MY page and sent me a message without knowing or CARING to know what happened to my son. Then you go to your friends, “this Jeff guy is attacking me and not showing the whole story.” YOU. ARE. A. LIAR.


Stop by this lost soul’s Facebook page (have your vomit bags ready) and tell Angie Martinez how you feel about this.


Leigha Whiteis, from Monroe, Oregon, Sends Hateful Message To The Father Of A Child Killed By Pit Bulls.

Leigha Whiteis, from Monroe, Oregon, Sends Hateful Message To The Father Of A Child Killed By Pit Bulls.



Tell Leigha Whiteis on her Facebook profile that it is unacceptable to send hateful messages to pit bull attack victims and their families.

Adam MacNeil from Thunder Bay, Ontario, sends hateful messages to pit bull attack victims

Adam MacNeil from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Studied at Fleming College, Went to Hammarskjold High School, sends hateful message to the father of a child killed by pit bulls and his supporters


14011799_10207223426808201_806704215_n 14011835_10207223427048207_23088170_n 14012172_10207223426968205_976983035_n


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Terry Holt, Harassment and his blog, “Pit Bull Haters Exposed”

Please scroll to the bottom for continued & updated cyber harassment, comments, screenshots and memes about this blogger from Australia, Terry Holt

Some of my friend’s thoughts on Terry Holt and his blog, “Pit Bull Haters Exposed.”

13620261_1752851804958454_3800567280081720768_n“While people are away at work, taking their child to the park, doing household chores, going on a date, or going fishing, (you know, things a person with a life usually does on the daily norm) social media becomes a sanctuary to the lonely and obsessed. Such a person who occupies that space resides in a small, littered trailer around Brisbane Australia, pounding away at the keyboard, squinting through dingy bifocals with contempt at the hundreds of what he calls “dog haters.” His unkempt appearance and neglected home is telltale he has built his life around not much else, not even bathroom detail as he proclaims he is constantly “pissing himself laughing” at the responses his vitriol produces.

Terry Holt over the years has produced many, many blogs, comments, and social media posts that were considered to a sane person to be downright fictitious, slanderous, and mostly unintelligible. In his decaying mind, he loves pit bulls and somehow helps them by treating people who are victims of pit bull attacks like shit. Perhaps one of his most outrageous musings is the one featured in this blog that he typed in regards to the 13934988_1584855051816285_5240613017379496832_ncomplaints of numerous victim advocates about the threats, name-calling, and death wishes they receive from total strangers via Facebook message.

“They can’t seem to understand that they provoke these pm’s with posts about family pets often including pictures with children in them they claim to be receiving often baiting their victim into saying something inflammatory and then they screenshot their victim and bring out their victims card doing the whole woe is me routine.” – Terry Holt

Terry Holt sure does paint a picture with that run-on sentence, doesn’t he? He only addresses ONE type of the many issues covered in BSL groups. This is where someone posts a viral photo of an innocent child squeezing a huge pit bull in an embrace. This is also where a baby who had barely been alive a week is pictured within snatching proximity of a pit bull’s jaws. This is proof that pit bulls are safe, according to Terry Holt and his social media cronies. Too bad it’s untrue and a dangerous lie that has killed so many. It is not the entirety of our group’s purpose, but it does come up. Victim advocates include people who once believed their child was safe around pit bulls because of such propaganda, and now that their child is dead or permanently disfigured, they consider this as bad parenting. They call it out as it is: exploiting an innocent child for a dangerous lie. According to Terry Holt, it’s just a “woe is me” line, and this justifies messages of death threats, threats on their children, or being called various vulgar names. People who are willing to pimp out their child for likes and shares should be a little less sensitive when their child neglect is pointed out.

“The fact is every hateful PM they receive is preceded by an inflammatory comment or post attacking the actual victim the irony flows deep in these ones as they just don’t seem to realize they’re doing what they’re accusing me of doing the only difference is I have the proof.” – Terry Holt

Terry Holt has been at this for YEARS

Terry Holt has been at this for YEARS

Wow, Terry Holt. Let us totally leave out the fact that these inflammatory remarks are made by people who are VICTIMS of pit bull attacks and their sympathizers who are trying to spread safety awareness. These inflammatory remarks that provoke such ill-bred messages come from people who post daily pit bull maulings, gofundme pages for unpaid medical and vet bills, FACTUAL AND SOURCED gathered information anto 1on pit bull breeds and the statistics that prove plain as day pit bulls are not fit to be pets. People have been stalked and harassed just for asking Facebook users to pray for their mauled child and told to not say pit bull because it was wrong. I myself was called a pig faced cunt by Facebook user Anto Taylor for stating Staffordshire terriers are pit bulls. Are people like Anto Taylor the actual victims Terry Holt seems to prioritize over the many grieving dog owners and parents? Are their precious social media feelings hurt so bad that they face the same physical, mental, and emotional trauma that many people in pit bull attack groups face everyday because of a pit bull mauling?

Lastly, he says to have proof that these, heartless, awful victims of unprovoked pit bull attacks are just using their position to gain sympathy and bash people. This has yet to be seen past their own hearsay and a small handful of vague screenshots that prove nothing. How convenient that Holt and company are ceaselessly watching them to see to it everyone sees them this way. From Michelle Heater’s steroid-fueled and aggressive pursuit of Jeff Borchardt, to causing the firing of Sarah Burke because she reported an illegal pit bull harbored in a rental place, to call themselves the actual victims is a slap in the face to anyone who ever lost a child and was hated for speaking out about it. It would take ages to show the proof WE have against them, but I assure you we will in due time. Terry Holt couldn’t be more of a victim-shamer. It is like saying a woman deserves to be raped for what attire she wears, and speaking out against her attacker deserves her to be harassed, stalked, and shamed in poorly grammatical blogs.

“They claim to be the victim whereas the overwhelming body of evidence affirms they’re all nasty nasty fanatics and they use and attack victims and in their grotty Facebook hate groups on a daily basis and it’s all being documented.” – Terry Holt

This last is so much of a projection of their own trolling, I swear Terry Holt could have a projector light jutting from his sweaty, wrinkled head. This is why they have pages like Truth BeTold, Pit Bull Haters Exposed, and Ignorance is Unbelievable, pages where people who speak on behalf of canine safety awareness and BSL are ridiculed, mocked, and called horrid names by Terry Holt and his friends. This is why anytime someone mentions shooting or putting down an attacking dog, they screenshot it and tell people we feel that way about all dogs. This is also why they search people for dirt, search for their place of work and residence, so that Terry Holt and his friends can continue to abuse and bully anyone who compromises their pit bull fur-baby fantasy world.

Terry Holt Boofhead (1)Let’s face it, Terry Holt, you have lost it. Aside from us telling facts that threaten and contradict what you WANT the world to believe about pit bulls, you are no actual victim of anything that you haven’t brought on yourself. Anyone you push is going to push back. If anyone was ever mean to you, it is because you made memes with their dead child’s picture or created identical pages of nonprofit organizations that cater to pit bull attack victims in attempts to tarnish their image. It would take days to count the ways you and your toadies are huge hypocrites in every sense of the word. You can’t whine about being a victim of bullying when you are and have always been the instigator through your own depraved and ceaseless troll antics. That says a lot about your character as a human being when you can actually feel justified for making fun of a dead baby and his grieving father, or think it’s okay for people to threaten or insult someone for presenting facts. Facts is not inflammatory. It is not hateful, nor is it provocative bait for a stranger to send threats via Facebook message, unless they’re just crazy like you.” – Dana Renfrow

“Like most of the Anti-BSL advocates I have encountered, Terry Holt is yet again as is his normal fashion, deflecting and projecting onto those of us who support BSL.  He claims we instigate hatred by sharing the stories of the victims, when in reality we are doing that in an effort to make people aware of the dangers of pit bull variances. How very hypocritical and projective/deflective of him to accuse us of the inflammatory behavior that he is notorious for.

Terry Holt enjoys trolling BSL groups, taking screenshots of posts, and then tries to instigate hatred towards us from his pit bull advocates. The recent incident with Sarah Burke is a glaring example of the kind of behavior that Terry Holt and his cult-like followers promote. (Yet they accuse us of this cult-like behavior – projection again?) Sarah Burke’s post was taken from a BSL group and twisted completely out of context, in order to try to get her fired from her employer. It could be easily said that only “fanatical” people would go to such extremes because they do not like the fact that Sarah stands firmly in her opinions. What was done to Sarah is actually unlawful. Participants of Terry Holt’s blog used libel, slander, defamation of character, and harassment in order to try to get Sarah to back-down.

I have seen numerous pit bull advocates take part in this deflective and projective behavior, it is actually similar to psychological warfare tactics that narcissistic individuals use to hide their own self-esteem issues and short-comings. What a wonderful way to do so in humanizing your dog no matter what the statistics are illustrating.

13907172_10207190412822872_2458948074921225328_n (1)I also saw where pit advocates posted on a religious Facebook page, regarding a man who spoke out about his opinions regarding the dangers of pit bulls. They tried desperately to make him look bad to his church. What type of people do such a thing? I will tell you who, the type of people that are so hellbent on their own perceived rights that they do not care about anyone else.

The majority of BSL supporters I encounter do not go out of their way to bully and intimidate, but after so long of taking it from the other side, one cannot be blamed for fighting back by pointing out they are getting harassed for trying to make the public aware of the dangers the media tries so very hard to conceal.

I never realized the level of deceit and corruption that exists in the Anti-BSL movement until I started to speak out myself. I imagine the vast majority of the public is unaware of what goes on behind the scenes. After I became a mother and I saw numerous pictures of the child victims of pit attacks, I tried to imagine the utter devastation those parents felt in losing their children. I could not fathom it, and certainly never want to experience it, that is the main reason why I speak out about the importance of BSL, the children. The children that had their lives cut short when it never should have happened, and could have been prevented.

Anyone that wants to stop those of us who support BSL should look into the eyes of a child victim and then tell us we are wrong, racist, and bigots. Tell that child victim when you look into their eyes that it was the owner’s fault, that all of the pit bulls are not a risk. It does little-to-no good trying to get the majority of the pit bull advocates to understand the human suffering that pit bulls have caused, they simply do not care, and that in itself is tragic.” – Gina Marie


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If you would like to share your harassment from Terry Holt, I will gladly add your story to this post. Please send your story to or make a comment underneath this post.

Another example of the obsessive stalking behavior of Terry Holt




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IMG_20160709_161804 IMG_20160709_154930


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Chris Cabal from New York, New York Sends Hateful and Harassing Messages to Victims of Pit Bull Attacks and Their Supporters

Chris Cabal from New York, New York Sends Hateful and Harassing Messages to Victims of Pit Bull Attacks and Their Supporters.



Tell Chris Cabal it is unacceptable to send hurtful messages to people he doesn’t know on Facebook.