Pit Bull Ambassador, Angie Martinez from Seattle, Washington, Send Hateful Message To The Father Of A Child Killed By Pit Bulls

Angie Martinez, Former Sales Clerk at Deja Vu Adult Superstore, Worked at WholeFoods Market, Lives in Seattle, Washington, Married to Nathan Davis, From Everett, Washington, Sends Hateful Message To The Father Of A Child Killed By Pit Bulls

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You just read the ENTIRE conversation, folks. Now read her backpedaling and her friends being called in her defense a few weeks later:


I have not attack ANYONE, Angela. YOU came to MY page and sent me a message without knowing or CARING to know what happened to my son. Then you go to your friends, “this Jeff guy is attacking me and not showing the whole story.” YOU. ARE. A. LIAR.


Stop by this lost soul’s Facebook page (have your vomit bags ready) and tell Angie Martinez how you feel about this.


Harassing Pit Bull Attack Victims, Jennifer Lynn from Stanwood, Washington Sends Hate Mail, Cyberbully

Jennifer Lynn, Studied Medical Assist at Everest College 2011, Went to Everett High School (Washington), Lives in Stanwood, Washington, sends hateful and harassing messages to victims of pit bull attacks and their supporters.




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Visit Jennifer Lynn on Facebook and tell her it’s not right to harass victims of pit bull attacks online because they have a different opinion and experiences.