Serious Pit Bull Attack in Jackson, Tennessee – Danyelle Leek

This public post was an attempt to raise awareness about the dangers of pit bulls. It was later removed, but not before I screencapped the entire public post. Link to Facebook profile:


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7 thoughts on “Serious Pit Bull Attack in Jackson, Tennessee – Danyelle Leek

  1. Poor little baby. What person would risk their child by putting it next to a pit bull that could kill it in an instant, which has happened on a number of occasions. Stupid is as stupid does. Do they have other pits? Why 3 other puppies? If they have other pits around those kids, the kids need to be removed from the home.


  2. Pit Mommy thinks that Pittie was ‘just playing’. And in spite of her earlier allegations she was going to get the frankenmauler euth’d, she is now toying with passing it on to an OLD MAN.
    She is disgusting beyond words.
    This was just about as near a near-miss as you can get with a Pit Bull. A test run. The monster is accelerating, having previously killed two puppies. Death is in the wind. One to watch.


  3. It killed 3 puppies and he kept it? Mom should have run for the hills. SO LUCKY that the kid wasn’t killed!
    Wish they hadn’t removed the post, it’s important for people to see it.


  4. This is CLASSIC pit bull behavior. These dog can live normally for 8 and 10 years, then suddenly turn aggressive and kill someone. Everyone is always SO shocked, the dog never acted like that before…blah blah blah. Same song and dance every damn time. Educate yourself on this breed, it only takes about three minutes online.


    • Killed three puppies and been in two dog fights and they thought this dog was going to be okay around a baby? Delusional beyond belief. BSL saves people from their own stupidity.


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